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Display Table: George said it first!


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Ofcc is coming...


And George had a great idea.


We are a band of relatively distinct groups of players, and endless talent!


At ofcc there have been so many gorgeous display tables where teams post their armies.


This game allows us to go a step further, and actually PLAY on over the top tables!


Our group (Seattle east side) are going to make something future oil derrick like, and WIP posts will begin once we hammer out a layout to start on.


Who else is in on this? We can really punch everyone at ofcc in the eyes with this, and have them asking for more! Our tables will get people to come give the game a real look, and the models/fun we have will make them want to stay.


Foam core, pink foam, and shoe boxes with paint and attention are all you need. This is not going to break any banks, as we have been making Terrain for years from the bin anyway, now we just make it cohesive and of an interesting tactical and strategic question!








Seattle west side?


Seattle east side? Most definitely!

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I like your style!   A lot of us in the Portland/Vancouver area are working on pumping out as much terrain as we can for our infinity games, so this is definitely doable.  My personal, and I think overly ambitious goal, is to have 2 full 4/4 boards worth of terrain ready for OFCC next year with just my own pieces. 

Keep us updated on your project, and everybody keep up the good work!

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Just so everyone knows the details. If I run the Infinity tournament at the next OFCC, I'm laying down the challenge to make a display table. I saw this album of tables, https://www.facebook.com/BureauAegis and felt very inspired and would love to play on a table or tables like this. NakedPanda accepted my challenge. The Vancouver group accepted it as well. Who else? I will work on getting a trophy for the winner. 

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We are designing it to make much more use of the terrain rules. 

And to make sure there is not a bunch of rulebook research while playing, the caution signs themselves will have the salient effects on them.

I remember when I was first reading the rules I was thinking how cool it is that you can blow up terrain. Sad that part is pretty much skipped along with terrain type(make use of those terrain specialists!). I'd love it if we could somehow make that a worthwhile thing cause blowing things up is kinda fun and having bros slowed down by jungle, etc sounds fun as well..
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