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Somewhere, in the dark woodlands of the Northwest…

     …lies a hidden treasure…

         …earned in blood…

             …but unseen for years:

                       The Northwest Invasion trophy


Will the woodsmen from the South be able to keep it?

Will the horde from the North take it?

Which heroes will tip a pint and congratulate each other on their victory?


I would like to resurrect this tradition.

But in attempting to organize this, it has become obvious that I will need some assistance.

One person, part-time, will not reboot this and keep it going.

Need someone on the WA end to volunteer to help with the organization and logistics.


If anyone else (from Oregon or Washington)  justs want to help out with one part, then that assistance will also be welcome (sponsorship, venue, prizes, format, promotion, terrain, umpiring, judging, recruiting players, etc.)


To get this going again, we need:

  • a venue
  • a team tournament format
  • recruiting players
  • and something to generate interest

...that will draw together both Oregon gamers and Washington players.


Firstly, I need help in nailing down an affordable and mutually attractive location


  • Looks like game stores midway between Portland and Lacey/Lakewood are too small: Centralia, Castle Rock, Longview.
  • As for other options, my limited research in renting a hall indicates that this option is too expensive (e.g. $300.00 for non-members of the American Legion Post in Centralia), unless someone is a member of an organization where they can get a discounted rental rate.


If we can get gamers from Seattle and Redmond, it might make sense to hold this at OC&C.

But to do that, we need commitment from the Oregon guys to travel there.

If held in Portland, we might get some players from farther south and east in OR.

If there was some sponsorship, it might sweeten the pot, draw more gamers.


Ideas and volunteers welcome.

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I'm not sure ... I think the Northerners got really tired of the Southerners defeating them (over and over ... and over again) ... I mean the trophy is decorated in our miniatures. The Trophy is also down here with the perpetual winners.


I'm not saying that we should "not" let them try ... absolutely let them try ... to be sure ...they are such a nice group of guys ... I just fear for the Northmen ... only deepening the self confidence gulf. What might another loss at our hands do to the moral?


What was that noise? Oh ... that was the sound of the gauntlet being dropped at the Northmen's feet. 


Whenever and wherever ... The Men of the South stand ready to defend their title. Bring it!!  :biggrin:

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TIME: Slots filled, by month:



SEP = Time-On-Target, Fall FoW tourn

*OCT : Any other time in OCT, except for Tactical Solutions (Spokane, OCT 9-11). I am going.

*NOV = Any other time in NOV, except for Tanksgiving



FEB = Dogs-Of-War, Spring FoW tourn

MAY = Enfilade



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Whenever somebody gets a sign-up and a venue, I am committing to go any SAT or SUN except for the following dates: SEP 17/18, OCT 8/9, NOV 12/13.

My army will be Axis: Germans.


“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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Nothing decided yet, so any period can be discussed.

Also, no one has stepped forward to organize it. At least, not explicitly.


Hoping one of the northern waaggh! Guys steps forward.


If no one claims running it by end of 4th of July weekend, then following Tuesday I will jump in, do a quick poll for input, setup and run this one.


"Lead, follow, or get out of the way!"

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At this point we are just gathering the storm.  It is yet to be unleashed.  As i said, six interested, more likely to follow.  Nailing down the date with Gabi cannot be done until she has the details so step one is details, actually, in this case.  I just need to email it to her for an A-OK, and it will be all official and stuff.  The thing is, we ACTUALLY need to know whose committed here so the people down there dont make a trip and end up fighting their own men.  Now friendly fire is certainly not unknown in war, but that is not optimal.  Wiser by far to make sure we have a TRUE idea of participation and not just ":let me know when it gets closer" type of gamer speak.  


Anywho, the feelers are out.  I'll check in again after everyone is back from their long weekend and see what the feeling is.  it cant conflict with Magic crap and other store money makers, so there are a limited number of choices from that perspective but the venue as you all know is plenty big enough to carry all of u.

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