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OFCC 2017 army poll


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Alright looking for opinions on what you'd rather see as my army for next year.


1) Legion of the Brand. I was shooting to have these guys finished this year and fell short. I really love the scheme, punny names and sheer volume of love I can put into all the sponsorships. With a full year I can really make them sparkle.


2) Thunder Warriors! Always wanted to do some of these guys. They were the prototype Space Marines were built off. Techno-barbarians built only for war. The fluff is all over the place for these guys but the version I'd like to build is that "what a Guardsman is to a Space Marine, a Space Marine is to a Thunder Warrior". These guys are huge slabs of death. Rules wise I'd probably make it an all dreadnought army to represent just how burly each of these guys were. About 9 dreadnought sized MegaMarines gives me plenty of room to really challenge my modeling and paint ability but still finish in a year.


Opinions? Any awesome idea for an army you've always wanted to see but never had the drive to try?

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Have you considered selling Ad space on the Legion?  I'm sure there are members on the board who may be willing to consider buying some sponsorship time.

Yeah, why use fictional companies, when you can get real companies to pay for their logo on a squad's shoulder pads?

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