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Infinity Boot Camp: Sept. 18th


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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Have you ever wanted to play Infinity?


Are you looking a sci-fi skirmish game with a solid set of rules. Are you tired of painting twenty models for a single squad? Tired of playing in the grim dark future of man?


On Sunday, September 18th, I will be running an Infinity Boot Camp. The price is free. All you need to bring is three 25mm model. Infinity models are preferred, but not needed. I will run you through three scenarios to learn the basics of the game.


Everybody is welcome.


On the following Sunday, I will be hosting a Fall Escalation League lasting until the Winter Rampage in December.


The Fun starts at 4 PM.


Bring water or sodas to help us stay cool. We'll hit the pub afterwards.




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Same here. It is an intro. Don't worry about winning or losing. It is just mention to have people get use to the rules of the game. Come and watch. Come and play. If you want to just play Infinity while others are going through the boot camp, please do. The day is free to play. We will have plenty of space.


If you have models, patches, terrain for Infinity that you would like to trade or sell, do it......

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Wow! What a great event! 12 people playing Infinity. Thank you for putting up with my whacky obstacles courses and scenarios. It was nice to have Justin come play. The main room was super loud. Jay put up photos on Facebook.


Next week is the First Week of the League.


150 point and a basic Annihilation scenario with no LTs..........


I hope to see you there!

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