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When your company sells and your future is uncertain...


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I feel ya. My project switched owners in April. It was supposed to be seamless, same everything but different name on your check. It's not. Super frustrating. A good portion of the management has bailed ship and for good reasons. It sucks because I really respected my two immediate supervisors and they're both gone now. The silver lining is, I'll find out if I got one of their positions sometime this week. To be honest, I only applied so I can buff up the resume I've been passing out.

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Well, I can't speak to the situations for each of you, but I can share a "silver lining" story.  I spent 18 years working for the state and for the last 5 years of it they did their best to make me miserable and drive me out of the team.  2 years ago in January I started polishing my resume and in July I took a new position with Philips Healthcare doing exactly the same thing that I had been doing with a raise and 100% work-from-home so there are opportunities in at least some cases.


I totally get the anxiety and despair and I wish you the same kind of luck I had when I made my move.

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I just need to vent here. Been here almost 20 yrs.  My skill set is really specific.  I'm not worried about me, but about being able to take care of my kids.


As such I'm throwing more effort into building my side businesses.  Now the fun months of anxiety and despair.

You strike me as pretty capable, I think you'll be fine, as will your kids. 


On a side note, as I understand it, it's pretty easy to get a very part time job as PCC teacher, at least for the non-credit end. I'm sure you could fill a classroom just teaching airbrushing or other modeling techniques. 

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