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Ordo Fanaticus 2017 Hobby Progress Challenge!

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In an effort to combat the scourge that is Grey Plastic we shall band together and contribute to the Ordo Fanaticus 2017 Hobby Progress Challenge!


Let's keep this simple shall we?


Each month reply to this thread with your stated miniature hobby painting commitment.  The goal is a painted unit per month.


"I will assemble and paint this box of Space Marines"

"I will paint this assembled Chariot I bought off eBay"

Include a dated picture.


When you have completed said stated goal, post a dated picture of the completed commitment, quoting the original post.


If you finish early, start another project, but be warned, the deadline for the project is the end of the month in which it is started.  Not 30 days from posting.


Those members that have completed their stated monthly goal will be placed in a raffle, from which I will draw a winner.  I will send the winner a prize.


At the end of the year the member that has completed the most goals win a better prize. In the case of a tie the members will be placed in a raffle, from which I will draw a winner.


Remember to quote your original post so progress for the month may be easily verified.  Failure to do so will DISQUALIFY the entry.


Valid projects:

10+ infantry figures

3+ medium sized models (siege machines, killa kans, ogres, etc)

1+ large model (Vehicle, big monster, etc)


Don't be a tool and post stuff you've already done. This is on the honor system.

Go! Challenge begins now!

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I'm not yet certain about my OFCC plans, or which game system they'll include. So, while I might not chime in until later, I'll have stuff to paint regardless of what system I end up playing (save for Infinity - I have just about everything I could need painted up there). I'll join in on this, just in several months! I have Kublacon to prepare for in the meantime.

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I assume a little pre-work that was done this month isn't too much (meaning a start to the color and priming)? If not, I have plenty of Infinity I can do this month:




2xCA REMs 



That gives me seven infantry, two larger models, and a TAG to work on so a little from everything!

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Posted 04 January 2017 - 07:39 AM

For the month of January 2017 I will paint a 4-speeder squadron of Ravenwing Tornados




Great job Eli, hope Montana's treating you well!


I completed my monthly painting vow (?) on 01-21-2017.  Crappy pictures incoming if I can figure it out.


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What?  Just one completed vow!?  C'mon people!

I am either one really long paint session or several short ones before being completed. Bases and shoulder pads need to be done and I have detail work on two termies to finish.


Pending unforeseen circumstances, I should be done this weekend.

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