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Ordo After Party! 10PM, 3/18/2017 at W.O.W.!


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The after party be poppin', yo!

On Saturday, March 18th 2017, Ordo Fanaticus will open W.O.W. at 10pm for the first ever Ordo After Party! What can you expect? How about late night gaming at the clubhouse...play 30K, 40K, AoS, board games, Infinity, Blood Bowl...you name it! The clubhouse will be open past midnight, with many folks taking their chance to play a late night game, rather than our traditional game night. The after party will operate like most of our open house events, meaning you can stop by to play, hang out, chat with your pals, and best of all, it's free! It's also a great time to bring your non-game playing partners and friends to have some fun rolling dice and placing chits.

Post any questions here, hopefully I'll see you there!

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We're about a month out from the first Ordo After Party, and I'm excited to see how many late night gamers we can get to attend. I'm hopefully going to get in a game of Terraforming Mars and maybe a Tyrants of the Underdark, all while indulging in Kentucky Mules over at The White Owl...


What does everyone else wanna' play?

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Hi all!

I'm planning on attending the after party at W.O.W. this Saturday. I'll be bringing Tyrants of the Underdark and Guillotine (2 excellent card games) with me. I have 3 confirmed players and 1 open spot for a game of Tyrants to start at roughly 10:15. Please post here if you'd like to fill that open spot. If you've never played Tyrants before, here's a link to a game review:


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