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  1. Really interested in seeing the 14 foc options. Looking more and more like I can dust off my Ork Trukkboy army and giggle instead of weep when it hits the table.
  2. Please paint the fleeing Saxon with wet pants... Carry on ;)
  3. Splinx: I've never been able to make red on green work without looking like Christmas. The white outline on the red dags makes all the difference in the world. Well done! Pumpkin: Hot damn, them's some good lookin bugs! DasBox: It's become clear that you must have a robot arm set to "paint and assemble awesome minis" that operates while the weak, fleshy bits sleep. Ace stuff!
  4. I mostly prefer airbrush ready paint because the bottles tend to be easier to use. In my experience, "airbrush ready" really just means thin a bit less than regular. My brush has a pretty small needle though. I'd use the thinner bottle you have now, judge from there how much to get next time.
  5. Should be pretty easy to Nurgle up those burly armor plates on the beast. Have a Dremmel? If so, ball head and lots of little dimples. If not, pin holes with a small drill bit can easily be made less uniform with a hobby knife. Put white glue in the holes, wait till half dry and put super glue on the semi-congealed white glue. Super glue will pull the moisture out and give a really great texture to represent rotten flesh underneath the rusted and pitted armor. Oh, one tusk snapped off halfway would break the symmetry. Probably on the scythe side.
  6. Takes a bucketload of talent and skills to make pink scary and intimidating.
  7. That masked helm makes him look like a cold-blooded killer! Awesome choice.
  8. Decided to do these guys as looted construction bots. Pretty happy with the yellows. Next is rust spots, plates and details. Thinking about trying out weathering powders too.
  9. Marauders with Ork cybernetics for the stealers would be baller!
  10. Well it's April so that means....New Hobby Challenges! My April challenge is to paint up the OFCC kill team I assembled for last month's challenge. Viva La Grot Revulooshin!
  11. I thought about this as well. Figured Catachan as the less mutated guys and using Necromunda pit slave models as the purestrain. Giant cybernetic weapon arms and drug collars would match the rule differences and stats pretty well. Visually different enough to make em easy to identify but still carry the theme. After pricing out Necromunda pit slaves I shelved the idea. Then I thought about using Catachan and Ork cybernetic limbs from Kromlech.
  12. Koyote does a Mordred themed warband?!? Pop some corn gentlemen, this is gonna be amazing.
  13. My plan for anti-aircraft defense at OFCC is as follows: Fill opponent with beer. Hope he knocks them off table.
  14. Kult of speed! Trukk and bikes because, awesome.
  15. Looking fantastic!