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  1. Even better, describe the noise a lascannon makes. Personally, I'm in the "THWAKK" camp. The "FREEEM" guys have some strong arguments though. F the "ZAP" people though, totally unrealistic.
  2. I work with a grumpy old plumber from time to time. One, cold wintery day, we we're jammed in the crawlspace under a historic building trying to get a serious leak stopped. Freezing cold, soaking wet and the two of us jammed into the space slightly larger than a big dog. I'm reaching over his shoulder and whisper into his ear "You like gladiator movies?". The one and only time I ever saw him laugh.
  3. Well played good Sir, I doff my cap. ;)
  4. Debate! *Just noticed the poll tab*
  5. Uh, yeah...actually because it's plural of Primaris...it should be Primari... ;)
  6. 1) Looking great. Wolf'd them up enough to obviously be sons of Russ without looking like cartoons, fine line and toed well. Paint's clean and crisp. Aces! 2) Ain't gonna lie and say I wasn't a little disappointed that they weren't Primaris armor looted into Ork Meganobz...
  7. Been noodling with career change and home inspection really seems to be a good option. Wanted to know if anyone here is or knows a WA state inspector and would let me pick their brains for a bit. Would really appreciate it, thanks!
  8. Blue was the perfect choice for the accent color. Looking fantastic!
  9. Dig the purple and red. Not a common combo but pulled it off well!
  10. I have a full Rubbermaid of bits I'll bring down.
  11. Hey Chief, I ain't neither of your's pals. If I ever decided to do a Marine army, it'd be all jump packs. Probably not super effective but certainly cool.
  12. Jinkies, that transport was just Old Man Jenkins in a rubber mask!
  13. So on deployment, does it go: I place Rhino, you place something, I "deploy" a Tac squad into Rhino, you place something etc... Or I place Rhino with Tac squad inside, you place something etc...
  14. Just played my first game of eighth. (More of a demo than full game) Holy cow, it's slick! Really liked the changes. Vehicles are less binary in the "invulnerable death dealer / one-shot and sploded" matrix. I actually liked the set values which, to be honest, I expected to hate. Melee is a different beast, much streamlined but deep in tactical choice. So far, I give it an 8.5/10 Fun stuff!
  15. I ran mine from an air tank before I got my compressor. $25ish eBay airbrush Had an airtank already but they're cheap too. Boom, good to go. Gave me about 4 hours of spray time between fills and perfectly silent. Forgot to ask, where you at? If you're in Tacoma area you can pop over and use mine. I'll walk you through the intro phase.