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  1. Never trust a thread over thirty...pages. -Some Millennial, somewhere, probably
  2. Poxwalkers look SO good! Also, I've never been a fan of space Marines and I really like where they've taken them. Dual assault bolters are ace.
  3. Never had luck thinning Vallejo with alcohol based thinners. Makes em goopy, especially the metallics. Got a big bottle of water based thinners at Michael's for like $10 and never looked back
  4. How's your experience with Tamiya? I've never tried it. I hear mixed results. I was under the impression it has a steep learning curve but once over that hump it's a pretty good line.
  5. Well there's only two options. 1) You debate yourself as you're the only one in the cage. 2) You debate everyone not in the cage. In this binary system there is only the single, or the mass. By dividing the world into the single and the mass you must ask yourself, "which option would the philosophers enjoy more?". Would they prefer to watch me singularly debate with myself while confined in a barred structure? -or- Would they rather watch me mass debate in a cage? ;)
  6. IMHO, hotdog is a sandwich. So are tacos. The key point being the starchy wrapper allows a "fork and knife" meal to be eaten by hand. Handy (pun intended) for those of us that work outside.
  7. *Prognosticator hat on* Shokk Attack guns will be a solid choice for stuff like this. Have a random mechanic that means they swing from "meh" to " Im killin yer doodz!". *Prognosticator hat off*
  8. All Legion of the Damned is possible again! No transportation sucks for having half the army on foot in deployment zone though... Next army choice locked in;)
  9. ;)
  10. Poll time. Have two bigger models at just over half built. Should I finish: 1) Mecha based, Grot looted, counts-as Riptide Or 2) Glottkin based, counts-as Imperial Knight
  11. For me, it's splitting up the shots that I like. Pintle mount heavy stubber and left bolter sponsor at those troopers, right sponson and hull bolter at those scouts in cover and battle cannon at that tank across the board. Spray death in every direction!
  12. eye now its inturnet an everyfing but is spelchek sew hard i meen yew wanna mak a logikil arguemeen butt thens typ lik a munky wif hamer bagging keybord youre not helppin you's aguement thats dey mak bad jugement kall
  13. Hopefully, there will be a FOC that lets me run all tanks still. Be really great to scratch that "ALL THE TANKS" itch and run a fluffy armored company while not making 3/4 of my opponent's army completely useless.
  14. Makes sticking an anti-tank weapon with an anti-infantry squad a real option now too! Looking more and more like my Truck boyz are getting dusted off.