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  1. Make that 7 data books if you want forgeworld
  2. Now the big problem, Deciding how many Dark Imperium boxes to buy.
  3. What are you looking for on that ofcc to do list, perhaps a trade could be in order?
  4. But I thought you were Australian
  5. I can see Sam has his "Will work for Orks" sign up
  6. I totally read that as bears, and was trying to figure out which faction had bears :)
  7. Should we do shopping carts instead of horses? More venue friendly.
  8. Every time I see someone post this I am tempted to go break out all my old He-Man figures.
  9. I do not do social media, this forums is as close as I get :) I will talk with Roy and staff to find out who is running saturdays
  10. I am going to be running games Thursday nights, Sounds like another group may be playing Saturdays during the day. I will be working on collaborating it so we can have both groups involved in the same league if possible. I figure that way people can play when they are able to and enjoy the game.
  11. Got some players together at dice age tonight to make some team rosters. Games will be starting next week on thursday. So far we have orks, necrons, and dark eldar. If anyone else feels like checking out the Game or playing, drop on by next week will be there from 4-8 pm
  12. Evil thought... Painting commission competition. Assign everyone an even valued painting commission to complete over the event. All participants at OFCC vote on best jobs, set up some kind of tiers so 1st-3rd place split the total of all commissions worked. Requires not only quality but speed.
  13. Only thing you really missed is saving ~$135.00 on buying everything separately. At least you can buy just the book and some of the terrain if you like it, if you wait a few weeks:)
  14. I did get my hands on a copy, looking to possibly set up a league at dice age games in vancouver on thursday nights. Probably starting at 5pm ish.
  15. Playable: chaos (all of it), dark Angels, tau, dark elder, tyranids, necron. In progress: eldar, orks, gs cult.