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  1. I finally backed it, officially the first kick starter I have backed.
  2. That does suck, but hey they find all kinds of ways to tax us. I would be down for a set of the 8th edition. Indexes. That is another 60 pounds and should put the order in the area of free shipping
  3. Let me look I may be down.
  4. I find waiting a few transactions paid in booze helps you get better deals :)
  5. I have a good mix of the newer AOS models from the boxed set as well as the start collecting set. and some that are assembled and primed for the basic grunts. Go ahead and PM me what yer looking for and we can work something out.
  6. Edosaurus Rex, What Kind of Chaos stuff are you looking for old school or newer AOS chaos. I may be able to help this deal along
  7. Emperors children, cause they are not painted, and I want to start something fresh.
  8. Boxes of random getting loaded now, Some 40k orks/Tau NIB, orks assembled/primed. Old Ral Partha mini's from when I played D&D as a kid, Dice Masters. Looking forward to seeing you all soon
  9. Today?
  10. If I show up in my underwear does that follow team spirit for my team? Go Things best forgotten!
  11. Depending on how long you plan to go can perhaps carpool
  12. Still packing stuff myself trying to decide what level or Random to bring :)
  13. Will bring some bits boxes with me
  14. I plan to be there, not nearly as much stuff as Ebon but I am going to be cutting down some of my future armies. probably have orks, some tau stuff, My bring some old metal mini's I found in a box from my youth.