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  1. Head to a craft store of your choosing (JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart) and buy a tub of gold glitter, ideally with large-ish circular flakes. Also buy a baggy of small translucent beads in various colors, ideally in polyhedral shapes and not just spheres. Mix up a container of glitter and beads, you want a lot more glitter than beads. Hard to give an exact ratio... Eyeball it. Use foam, cork, putty, or whatever you want to make the foundation pile. Cover that with PVA glue. Pour your mix of gold glitter and tiny beads onto that, like you would if you were flocking with static grass. Pour off excess. Allow to dry. Consider adding a sepia wash to some of the gold coins if needed. Spray the whole thing with matte varnish / sealant of your choice. Brush a gloss varnish on the treasure pile to bring the shine back to the treasure. You can also toss a few other bitz from the bitz box in there — swords, scrolls, chests, skulls, whatever.
  2. Loving the new Repentia. The old sculpts were nice, but they were unarguably a bit on the “cheesecake” side of things... These ladies look to be a lot more “beefcake.” Not only are they friggin’ swole, they also got the neural interface ports for their power armor is a nice touch, they seem to have a few bionic limbs here and there, and they’re wearing shoes... It’s the little things. And somebody on the design team still knows that WH40k is supposed to be a pastiche of Dune. "Usul, we have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen!"
  3. Ish

    D+D Maps

    Thebes had more than fourteen houses in it.
  4. Ish

    D+D Maps

    That town has four gates? 🤨 [ Insert lengthy stream of dwarvish profanity here. ]
  5. Wooden blocks on a map does have a very Gentlemanly Pursuit feel to it. Feels like we should break out the croupier sticks, smoking jackets, a pouch of our finest tobacco, and a snifter of brandy... ...come to think of it, except for the brandy and the game, I’ve got all that already.
  6. The Irishman (or I Heard You Paint Houses) is a new film from Martin Scorsese, made directly for Netflix. It stars stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci; Ray Romano, Bobby Cannavale, Anna Paquin, and Harvey Keitel all play prominent supporting roles... Okay, Paquin only speaks like seven words in the whole movie, she’s basically a walk-on extra, but it’s Martin freakin’ Scorsese. He makes those seven words work and just about any actor would kill for a part in a Scorsese picture. The story is an adaptation of an throughly debunked biography of Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran, a mob hitman and union organizer who claimed to have been the person who killed Hoffa. The film is outstanding, but don’t treat it as an actual work of history... It’s one of those films where what it’s about isn’t what the films really about. Five outta five.
  7. I wonder how hard it would be to replace the wooden blocks with stands of 6 mm or 10 mm Napoleonics...
  8. Clearly, in the interests of advancing human knowledge, the best plan is for @TheBeninator to buy one. That will settle the debate. For science!
  9. 70 mm would just be a really weird scale... We're talking something like 1:18 scale. The closest approximation I can think of would be the 3.75" G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero action figures of the Eighties.
  10. Finally got `round to updating Hiro's sheet with the Karma and cash gained and spent.
  11. Grognard senses tingling... There’s a Napoleonic version of Memoir ‘44!?
  12. The Star Wars prequels were astonishing in their ability to pull off feats of cinematography I never thought possible: They made Christopher Lee appear non-threatening as a villain; They made Natalie Portman seem unemotional; They made Ewan McGregor seem uncharismatic; They made Samuel L. Jackson seem boring... The Star Wars sequel trilogy (well, the two I’ve seen anyway) have a really bland set of characters ( “Hi, I’m Poe Dameron, you’ll forget I exist whenever I’m not on screen.” “Hi, I’m Captain Phasma. You’ll forget I exist before the end of this sent—“ ) but they seem much more competently directed overall.
  13. I saw that, but assumed it was the height not the scale... I’ve never seen anything listed as 70 mm scale.
  14. Umm, Pax... That Green Knight is €85.00 EUR, approximately $95.00 USD!
  15. The weird thing about Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, at least for me, is the knowledge that Francis Ford Coppola is officially acknowledged as having done some rewrites on the script... Francis Motherloving Ford Goddamn Coppola. How bad must the original scripts have been if Coppola is your script doctor and we still get the “I don’t like sand” soliloquy as the big romance moment and “Not the younglings!” as the big tragic moment? I mean, it’s Star Wars, so I wasn’t expecting Dostoevsky. I was expecting space-wizards and laserswords, cornball jokes, and cliché villains who call themselves “the Dark Side.” The franchise is supposed to be a recreation of the pulp serials of the Golden Age of Hollywood... But, yikes. I wanted Edgar Rice Burrows, not Ed Wood.
  16. A prison camp in the jungles of Myanmar... maybe.
  17. I’m just irrationally biased against Games Workshop stores. I am overcome with a deep sense of odium at the thought of playing in one... Living somewhere where my only option for gaming would be a GW store is like a Lovecraftian horror.
  18. You guys should know that I’m incapable of sarcasm. I’m always strictly literal and never, ever make jokes. 😉
  19. No one should have to play in a Games Workshop store.
  20. Would anyone object to my using Necromunda Enforcers in Kill Team? Counting them as Tempestus Scions or Space Marine Scouts perhaps...?
  21. Music 10/5 Say what you will about the Star Wars franchise (even the most devout Fandalorian has to concede they’re of variable quality) but there’s no denying that John Williams’ scores are outstanding.
  22. As soon as those PowerBall numbers come through, I’m going to have a massive army of their Faux-Bretonnians.
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