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The New And Improved Infinity at the OFCC

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The Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge is fast approaching! This year the event will OFCC will be held from Friday,  August 24 thru August 26, at the Hilton located at 301 W 6th Street in downtown Vancouver, Washington. The Club Challenge will feature two Infinity Events.
This year’s event is the Rampage.  Initially, I wanted a team challenge, but there is not the demand. Instead, this will be a individual, narrative event.  Players will be able to use  two  single, 200 point, limited insertion lists. A single 12 point Spec Op is needed with each list. All models need to be painted to a three color minimum. 
 Scoring will be based on sportsmanship, painting, achievements, and theme.  Infinity is a cooperative game system. We want everybody to have a great time and will be awarding points for sportsmanship with each game. We are playing with toy soldiers. Let’s have fun!  
The Infinity Team Challenge is not an ITS, but we will count wins and losses and well as a a check list of achievements.  Each player will be given a list of goals. There are over thirty. You can only score them once. It may be impossible to reach them all. Try your best to complete them all during your five games.

Number of Players: 30!

This can increase if sales demand it:

Days: This is a 2 Day Event

Points: 200, two lists, and a 12 point spec op.  


Battle Scores:

(55 points max)

A major win is worth 5 points (a win by 5 points or more), a minor win is worth 3 points, and a tie is worth  1 point.

There will be a check list worth an additional 40 points and will be totaled after all five games.


Players will vote for their favorite army

5 Points per first place vote.
1 Point per second place vote.



(50 points max)

Players will vote for their favorite opponent

10 Points per first place vote.
5 Points per second place vote.


(20 Points Max)

Geeky Shirt: 10 Points
Prize Pool Giveaway: 10 Points


Mission: High Ground

Your team has been sent to the Tech-Platform Exile-34. It is a Pan-O corporate concern with rumored dubious funding. Security is tight. Your job is to infiltrate the facility, steal data, and appropriate any portable prototype tech. Reach high ground and scan the area to a make a threat assessment.


The side with the model on the highest piece of terrain at the end of the game outside the player's own deployment zone wins.

To score the full points for the win, the opposing player may have no models outside his deployment area higher than ground level. 
Special Mission Rule:
*All models must start the game on ground level outside their deployment zone.
**Models in a null or  marker state do not count for scoring. 

Mission: Doctor, Doctor.

On arrival, your insertion team finds the station unresponsive. Scans show station personnel down with minimal life signs.

Your new mission is to scan and heal as many of the staff as possible. Obtain whatever information you can to help you proceed with your mission. 


7 Injured civilians are on the table. They will be placed in the zone that is 8 inches from each side of the center line. No civilian will be within four inches of another.  The civilians are prone and will be placed by the TO. 
The goal is to Forward Observe and heal as many of the civilians as possible. You may not target the civilians for any attacks.

Scoring: 4 Points for healing more civilians than your opponent.
               3 Points for FOing more civilians than your opponent.
               2 Points for killing more opposing doctors / paramedics than your opponent.
               1 Point for killing more opposing forward observers than your opponent.

Special Mission Rule: Any civilian that has been forward observed, may re-roll its PH roll for any doctoring or for use of the medi-kit, if the forward observing is on the same side.

*Palbots can help heal for scoring points in this scenario. 

Mission: Move, Move, Move!

From your intel and info stolen from other sources, we have located the data bundles on the far side of the tech platform. Scans show opposing forces and security systems closing in on the bundle hubs. Move your team with all immediacy to the data sites. 


This scenario is a variation of  the Frontline mission.

Every model that is 12"-24 inches from your table edge is worth one point.
Every model that is 24"-36" inches from your table edge is worth 2 points. 
Every model that is the opposing zone at the end of the game is worth 3 points.
Your Spec-OP adds a point for being in a scoring zone. 
*Infiltration, AD, and Mechanized Deployment units are encouraged!
** Scores will be not be traditional in this scenario. A Maximum value of 5 tournament points will be awarded for a major win. 

Mission: Seize the Data

Breach the data farm. Locate the data consoles. Download as much data as possible while preventing opposing forces from doing the same. 

This scenario is a variation of  the Safe Area Mission. With consoles in each center of the four quadrants.
Downloading data from the console requires a short skill attack roll based on WIP. Only Specialist may attempt to download data. Hackers and Engineers may use a command token to re-roll failed attempts. 
Since the amount of information in the data farm is significant, the downloading process takes time. The opposing side stop a download and switch the feed to their servers. The  side that is downloading data at the end of the game counts as scoring.

Controlling a console requires having any friendly model in base to base contact. The model may not be in a marker state. 


Hold the same number of quadrants as your opponent at the end of the game: 1 point
Hold more quadrants than your opponent at the end of the game:  2 points
Control a console at the end of the game: 1 point per each console.
*This means touching the console.
Downloading a console at the end of the game:  1 point per each console.
**This per each individual Console.
*+ The baggage rule is used in this scenario. 

Mission:  Escape

Alert. Our doctors and bio-engineers have analyzed the data retrieved from the dead station personnel and the data downloads. A deadly nano cloud has breached the containment seals on several levels. The damage is spreading. Retreat to extraction points immediately.

This scenario is a variation of Biotechvore. 
At the end of each turn, the nano clouds expands six inches from all four sides of the table. After turn two, the clouds has expanded 12 inches into the board. After turn three, the affected area is up to 18 inches into the table.
The cloud acts as a Low Visibility zone.
Models caught in the nano cloud at the end of the turn suffer a Damage 12 wound using the viral special ammunition rule. 
Along the table edge, on each end of the center line of table, is an escape hatch. An additional hatch is in the center of the table. The escape hatch opens automatically and allows up to four 25 mm bases or one 40+ mm base on it. A short order attack allows models to escape. One the model escapes. They score for victory points, but no longer generate orders. Models leaving the table via the hatch escape the nano cloud. 

Have the same amount of points of models escape at the end of the game as your opponent. 1 point
Have more points of models escape at the end of the game than your opponent. 3 points
Have the same number of models escape: 1 point
Have a greater number of models escape than your opponent: 3 points 
Have more points alive on the table than your opponent at the end of the game as your opponent. 1 point
Have more points alive on the table than your opponent at the end of the game than your opponent. 2 points
Have your Spec- OP escape: 1 Point
Have your Lt. escape: 1 Point


OFCC Checklist

OFCC 2018 Schedule

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On 2/6/2018 at 12:59 PM, Raindog said:

Tickets will be available on March 1st.

An announcement for a Friday Event will be made later...... (I'm not running it. :biggrin:)

Now, maybe I'm blind. But I haven't seen anything for the Friday Face Punch yet. Any info?

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Gents and Ladies, 

Please start finding your teams. Discuss this with your friends. This is going to be a fun weekend, but we need you. Tickets are for sale in the Ordo Store. If you can't find a team, we will help you make one. 





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On 5/22/2018 at 7:05 AM, rudra34 said:

Just realized it was a 2 list event this year.  You expect me to paint more than the bare minimum of models?!?!   😄

It is an OFCC tradition to enlist as many people as you can the night before in the event hall to paint your models. I will be happy to see the Infinity players embrace the time honored practice.

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