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Transporting Large unwieldy models


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hmmm I think I would just build a special case for it... you can get the "pluck" foam on amazon to just about any size.  So get your outside dims and add another inch or so all around - then find your foam and build (or find) a box to fit it into.  Magnetizing the model (if possible before it is built helps).  Also as stated - magnetizing the base to the case can help as well.  Overall - be prepared as VonVilkee says - extra glue helps :)



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5 hours ago, PumpkinHead said:

For OFCC I will be bringing my Dimachaeron (https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/Tyranid-Dimachaeron). I have no idea how to transport him without breaking something. I have checked army carrier and battle foam and they don't seem to have a solution. How do you all transport your large unwieldy models?

I consider transportation when assembling and buying my models. For that model, I think you could magnetize or pin the lower half and upper half as seperate models.

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@PumpkinHeadI recall that yours is painted, so cutting it in half for magnets or pins might not be an option. You could create a custom case for that model using spray foam: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Loctite-12-fl-oz-Tite-Foam-Window-and-Door-Insulating-Spray-Foam-2260115/302135916

That spray foam works wonders, but be careful in that it will stick to anything (and is known by the state of California to cause cancer...). I'd make the "case" as essentially a 2-piece mold in like a shoe box or similar container. So when "molding" a case for your model, put the model in a plastic bag or something similar which is both watertight and disposable, as the foam will ruin your models if it gets on them. And then you'd spray some foam in, push the baggied model half way, let it dry, then put a layer of further plastic down to separate the two halves, and then spray the top half. It dries quicker on the outside, than the inside, so be careful you don't prematurely mess with it.

Oh, you'll need at least two cans of that spray stuff because, as I mention it sticks to everything, so once it dries after the first use, the can won't be able to spray anymore and you'll need to open a fresh can.

The last option would just be cutting things to about the shape and wrapping the model in something soft. I've wrapped models in clean socks before. Works great, but gets funny looks from other players.

In any case, bring glue and the spray stuff that makes glue dry instantly. Just helpful to have on hand in any modeling event.


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38 minutes ago, PumpkinHead said:

Mine is not assembled or painted. I just finished cleaning up mold lines. I have all the options ahead of me.

I suggest magnets. Best would be magnets for all 4 arms, the tail, and then have magnets in the feet to attach it to the base. That way, base can be removed for transport, and without arms or tail, should fit flat in most transport cases.

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