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OFCC Ticket Sales


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Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge – Tickets for Sale

Please visit the Ordo Fanaticus Store to purchase your tickets for OFCC 2014.

Ticket prices
Ticket cost show two values.  The first is the standard cost for participants.  The second is the discounted costs for Ordo Fanaticus Champions of Reaver level or above.  Champ levels can be found here.   This is a 20% discount for each event entered.   Ordo Champions will see this discount automatically in the store.  If a Champion purchases a ticket for a non-champion, we will contact you to arrange payments for the extra cost.  Only Ordo Champions are allowed this discounted cost for their participation in the events.  Tickets bought for any other person are subject to the full cost regardless of who actually purchases the ticket.

Open Gaming
There is a $5 fee for walk-in gaming charged only at the door.  Paying participants in the OFCC: 40K Team or the OFCC: WFB Team events are not subject to this charge.  Similarly if a participant has paid for a Thursday or Friday event, there is no charge for open gaming on the day of the paid event.

Refund policy
Ordo Fanaticus allows for limited refunds depending on date of refund:
- Up to 60 days from ticket purchase date: 100% refund (this is standard PayPal policy).
- Less than 60 days from ticket purchase date, but 2 weeks before event date: 50% refund (minus PayPal fees).
- 13 or fewer days before event date: No refunds issued, barring family emergency TBD by Ordo Fanaticus Treasurer.
Please contact Blustorm concerning any refunds.

Ordo Fanaticus retains the right to refuse entry to any person or team.  Please ensure your team and your players are allowed to attend.  If you have any questions, please contact the HOG of each event.

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If you plan on purchasing Reaver, Warlord, or Emperor champion dues, along with an OFCC ticket (or tickets), please first purchase the desired level of champ dues on one transaction. Once you have purchased champion dues, then you will be registered on the site as a champion, and can then purchase any/all OFCC tickets and receive the indicated discount on your second transaction.


Please contact me with any other questions.



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