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LFG: Just about any co-op game on Steam.

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I've been Xbox'ing mostly, haven't been motivated to get off the couch for PC gaming. 🤪

Game pass games have been awesome. Things like Deep Rock Galactic and others have been fun. However, haven't really done much multiplayer lately. Been blasting through as many free game pass games that I can. Desperados 3 is my current work through.

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Thanks for reaching out @Sugarlessllama! You know you have a bunch of gamers here! I like that "Co-Op" word you used there! I looked at Steam and was a little unsure if I agreed with their assessment of what was Co-op. Either way, there were quite a few items on there.  I love playing Stellaris cooperatively against a harsh AI universe, the Federations DLC is specifically to encourage that. 

WarGame Red Dragon is free right now. Get the full game and dlc until the 11th.  (Epic games, not steam)

I agree with @Burk's reply that the game is great, but very hard. It's still flippin great!

I'd be down for a coop game against the AI 2v2 to go through the mechanics of the game.  Anyone else interested? 4v4 against the AI is an easy thing to do!

Voice comms become something that you'd need to really effectively have fun.


@Inquisitor66 I love the Asmodee games and have several, including Terraforming Mars, Pandemic, Carcassonne, and Scythe. All excellent. Pandemic for the Co-Op, 

I don't do much first person type gaming, but I've heard great things about Valheim and Deep Rock, as suggested by VR, BroG, and DT.



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@Justjokin I'll see about getting Wargame. I'm not that great at RTS games, but I am willing to try. And the Bellingham Warhamsters keep a discord server going, so we would be able to have voice coms super easy.


Also, I would be interested in digital versions of board games as well. So if you and @Inquisitor66 are down, I would love to join.

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