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New player, just picked up the Leviathan box


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Hey all!

I'm Dan.  I moved to Portland a few months ago, and I've been looking around for game groups.  W40k has always looked fascinating to me, so I picked up the Leviathan boxset.  It arrived today 🙂  I've been watching a ton of YT videos on how to play, and I've started assembling my army. 

I'm curious how beginner-friendly this group is -- would it be better for me to play a few times at Guardian or something, and then visit, or would you all mind if I came and either watched a few games, or played my first game?  I've played a ton of MTG, and I know there are just some places that are more tailored for experienced players -- nothing wrong with that. 

Thanks!  Can't wait to play with you all eventually 😛

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One of us. One of us.

Welcome to the wonderful world of itty-bitty, grim and gritty, toy soldiers. Let’s begin by stating the obvious, there’s a ton of overlap between Ordo club members and people who play WH40k at Guardian. Like, the Venn diagram might not be a circle, but there’s a lot of overlap.

Ordo is a very friendly place for new players, returning players, and salty old grognards. Especially with the launch of a brand new edition as we’re all learning how things work.

The staff at Guardian Games are great and so are most of the regulars that attend their WH40k nights. However, Guardian’s WH40k league also has a small number of… shall we say, intensely competitive players. Guys that seem to treat every game as if they were on the final match at the championship table at AdeptiCon or the LVO. You said you had a background in CCGs, so you probably know the type.

Again, this isn’t the typical WH40k player at Guardian. But it is a fair few of them and even the players that aren’t That Guy do tend to be more serious, especially if they’re a few months out from a big tournament in which case they’re probably treating game night as practice sessions.

Mind you, some of the Ordo members can be intensely competitive too. But the default expectation is different. I’d say the average WH40k night player at Ordo is looking for a relaxed casual game, the average WH40k night player at Guardian is looking for a tougher, competitive game.

Ordo’s clubhouse is also virtually around the corner from Guardian. Like, it’s a five minute walk. So that’s cool.

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Welcome @Dan

Guardian game people paying to play there so are probably not wanting to spend the time teaching since is randomly paired.

However, with the new edition we are all newbies again. I suggest you come out to one of the club nights and have a chat and learn the game rules with us.

The last 10th edition game I've played took 6hrs for 2K point because everyone was flipping through their data cards and writing new notes. Those are seasoned players too.

So probably start off with 500 combat patrol first then 1000 point on the basic mechanics.




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1 hour ago, Dan said:

I'm going space marines!  I'm about halfway through getting my set together.  Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks (at this rate!)

Don’t feel like you need to have an award winning paint-job (or even any paint at all) on your toy soldiers. We’re all perfectly fine with grey plastic, especially from a new player with a new army. Drop by anytime, even if it’s just to hang out and not play.

Fully painted minis do roll better dice, though. That’s just science.

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Nice and kind of funny. I have Necons, Space Marines, Ad Mech, Sisters too. I've also got GSC and nids ready to go, Orks, CSM and Tau each need one model built. Eldar, IG, Dark Eldar and Squats all need a bunch of units assembled. None of this nonsense is painted though. My eventual plan is to have enough options so that anyone who wants to play can just come over and pick the army.

Right now I'm leaning towards playing Tau as I do have some models painted. CSM is also a contender with a unit of Legionaires done. Necrons could probably get painted and wrapped up very quickly. The rest though are all running that unprimed grey color 😞

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