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OFCC: Friday Events Fully Paid List

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The following is a list of events that are scheduled to take place on Friday, Sept. 26 at the OFCC, along with the names of participants. All those listed have paid for a ticket to the specified event and have guaranteed a spot in said event. 


Updated - 9/25/14



40k Open

Bronson James

Ryan Longair

Aaron Albert

Todd Smith

Aaron Couture

Eben Lowy

Ben Cromwell

Anthony Hammerschmith

Matthew Stephens

Joshua Urlaub

Ian Moskowitz

Chance Townsend



Matt Schlotte

Jonathan Polley

Ben Lehman



Mark Handford

Dan Miner

Christopher Gorham

Jamie Stockdale

James Peterson

Jay Whisler

Josh Nakauye

Daniel Johnson


WFB Open

Ryan Munsell

Ricky Fischer

Scott Goldstein

Wiley Kinyon

Chris Bailey (Nathan Sheller)

Nick Fulton

Ronnie Cox

Dustin Kane

Ben Sathrum

Matthew James

Chris Powell

Frazier Edmonds

Shayne Mitchell

Paul Willworth

Jeremy Srofe

Moses Jones

Russ Whitsell

Mike Case

Darren Thibault

Art Gonzalez

Jon Pelosi


X-Wing: Teams

Christian Ayala

Adam Studer

Seth George

Kacy Kadow


Contact Blustom for any corrections to this list.

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Are we eligible for refunds in light of the ruling to not allow The End of Times?

End of  Times has been out for like a week... Did you know it was coming and pay for it assuming an unreleased product would be allowed? :) edit: Oh, I guess you might have paid in the short time between Sylvos' post and his edit. Nm.

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Good News: The 40K Open will have an even number of players to make match-ups easier.


Bad News: I'll have to drop out of the Friday 40K since my childcare for that day fell through.


Ugly News: The joy of fighting through Rush Hour traffic to get there in time for the Swap Meet 

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People had better PM me tonight if they are showing up and paying for the event that morning - I need to make sure we have enough tables set up.  As it stands now we have 21 paid and 4 commits for the day of the event (tomorrow).


See you guys then!

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It wouldn't be the craziest thing to do on a conf call. Is it active participation or just a show up and be there call?

I have to report some numbers and other simple info. I am still undecided. I will have it figured out by tonight. If someone is willing to play fast and take a break during round 1 this could work out!

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