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Friday Doubles Event - Information

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The 40K and Fantasy Doubles tournament are one day casual events for Friday at OFCC.


This event will be 3 games long, but will also have an optional 4th game.


These event will follow the same list building guidelines as the 40K and Fantasy team events. There is no list review or list rating in the Doubles event.


Points total will be the following:


40K - 1500 points per player

Fantasy  - 2000 points per player


The games are as follow:


Game 1 - Association 1v1

Eternal War: Emperor's Will


Deployment: Vanguard Strike


Secondary Objectives:

Strategic Advantage: First player to control both objectives

Sever the Head: Destroy all enemy HQ units

Invasion: Have three units in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game 


Game 2 - Alliance 1v1

Eternal War: Crusade (5 objectives)


Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Modified Victory Condition: The match will be determined by totaling all points earned in both games.


Secondary Objectives:

Spoils of War: First player to destroy a unit holding an objective and claim it as your own

Life is Cheap: Destroy all enemy troop units

Fortify your Position: Have three units in your deployment zone at the end of the game 


Game 3 - Convergence 2v2

Eternal War: Purge the Alien


Deployment: Dawn of War


Secondary Objectives:

A Good Start: First team to score five Victory points

Command Breakdown: Both opponent Warlords have been slain

Get in the Fight: Have zero non-fortification units in your deployment zone at the end of the game


Game 4 - Betrayal (optional) 1v1

Eternal War: The Relic


Deployment: Dawn of War


Secondary Objectives:

Race to the Prize: First player to move the Relic

Leave No Witnesses: Destroy more than 50% of the enemy units

Command the Battlefield: Have at least one scoring unit in each deployment zone at the end of the game



Winner of the Doubles tournament will be determined after Game 3


Teams who choose to play the 4th match will be competing for a special Betrayer award available only to the victors.


Additional information (missions, special rules, etc.) will be added to the thread as they becomes available.

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Soo... it's not doubles... except for round three?!? Why the heck is it called doubles? Shouldn't it just be a team event, with teams consisting of two players?! And 2,000 points?!? So game three is 4,000 points per side, 4 players... hope there's increased time allotment for that game...


In my mind, doubles is a great chance to build on the strengths of your army while another player covers your weaknesses in a collaborative effort. If we're playing two 1v1 battles, those weaknesses are much more prevalent. If I bring magic so my teammate doesn't have to, then during the 1v1 matches, he won't have a caster. This means we each have to bring lists to account for all aspects rather than building off your doubles partner. This also means that during game 3, one person can/will have a useless caster because their teammate has a better one, etc. So now you're just wasting points.


Running it this way defeats the entire purpose of having a 'doubles' event IMO.

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You bought the whole seat - but you'll only need the edge!



Chappy and I are teaming up to represent the glory of Mars.  House Raven and House Taranis with Skiitari foot troops.  



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