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How much is too much D

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So Eldar was one of the armies I didn't sell, looks like I can Wave Serpent Spam all I want now :D it might actually be preferable.  


So which is worse many little Ds?




one big unit of D?


Imp. Kahnigits can get up to 5 Ds in one list, is this the max, new normal of Ds?


Looks like the Eldar are packing more D than the Imperials....just saying...

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"How many D's is too much? Let's ask wise old Mr. Owl"


"Well let me see. One. Two. Three. *Chomp*. Three D's is Too Much"


*please don't sue me tootsie pop company. I found the star are the wrapper. That's got to stand for something.


But Loren, yes it would seem 3 D's is too many, As we just saw. However no D's is too few. So in the Infamous words of Rich Boy, when it comes to making an OFCC list; "Throw some D's on that #$@!%"

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Close combat D seems less egregious than shooting D.

Short ranged D seems less egregious than long-range D.


It also depends on the platform. A wraithknight is now a gargantuan creature, so it can split its fire at ranges up to 36". That's much nastier than a unit of wraithguard, and harder to pin down. Vauls batteries are still pretty fragile, and much less mobile than others, though they can still reach out and touch someone.


All Ds Are not created equal. *shrug* We'll figure it out when we play. I'm just excited to see you interested in 40k again.

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One unit of 10x D is easier to take than 2 units of 5x D. And here is why:


5 Ds will finish off 1 of anything. Two of them will finish off 2 of anything.


10 Ds will only finish off 1 of anything.


So buying 10 really just makes is so that the minimum unit size to finish off anything lasts longer. You can take 5 wounds to the massive D unit before it actually struggles to finish something off. That's a lot of points for extra wounds. It also makes it easier to tie up with an assault unit. They'll have a tough time finishing them off without their D, when all they have is their hands, and fists.

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