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Admech display board


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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted anything, but I've been keeping busy! My latest project is a new display board for my Admech and drop pods to chill on. I wanted to design something portable that will fit in my battlefoam bag, but big and flashy enough to catch people's attention. 


So, here's the design. Most everything is laser-cuttable (I guess that's a word), and I plan on adding some really cool led effects into the generator (which is magnatized to the board). I also plan on etching in texture on to the surface of the board, adding bits of drop terrain and rubble, and embedding cables which hopefully will turn out cool. Most of the parts will be cut from 1/8" MDF and acrylic. 




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Ooh, I should totally do some magnetized spot terrain for mine. I'm working off a metal sheet base, so gluing stuff on is kind of sketchy, but I can totally mag some stuff in. Thanks for the inspiration!

Magnetized terrain works awesome. I started doing it after I got my tablewar and it's been worth it.


I also did magnetize terrain as wounds on my stormwolves.

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Looks awesome kap! Is the generator a kit? Or did you cut it?


I kind of like how empty and stark it is with just the gen :p


Everything was designed (and being built) by me. I've currently got access to a laser cutter, and have been making full use of it. :)




Can you run the entire thing with little Christmas lights in the etching? or have some of the holes go through the entire board and have the light shine from below the board up through the holes


For the interior of the generator, I picked up a remote-controlled RGB LED strip with various light patterns. I'm also making some lit smoke plumes for my drop pods. As far as lights in the etching, I think the only thing I'd consider is picking up some EL wire, but at this point thats a bit much. I'm not a huge fan of copious amounts of light as after a while it usually becomes more of an annoyance to other players. 

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