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Vroom Vroom and boom boom


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Hey guys, after seeing the new Mad Max ive been chomping at the bit to do some post apocalyptic models. After looking around the interwebz I noticed several other people had the same feeling and had turned to hot wheels as base models. I decided that I would model up some hot wheels in mad max style for my local hobby group so we could play car wars or some other suitable game.


here are the first two cars. They are mostly done, but I might add some extra bits and bobs later.



and here is a very wip mustang 



Im hoping to get around 10 of these done so my local group can blow each other up en masse

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hmmm GW had a car wars type game back in the day - I never played it.  But could someone have the rules for it somewhere on the internet?  what was it called… dark future or something?  I will have to look for an old WD to find an ad for it.  I know they advertised what looked like hot wheels or match box sized cars...


- I would be interested!




Quick internet search...





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Torg- Awesome, ill be looking into that.


intrizic- I did at one point post everything but it kinda became a hassle. Plus I havnt been very active in building anything of late.


andozone- I was thinking about that but im impatient.  


Jim- thanks!


I got some work done, almost ready to start painting the first batch. 
I have another couple of cars on the way, hopefully they will arrive this weekend. 
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-on a side note.. that game - war lands - I should have received today at the post office.  Look a box opening on my blog maybe tomorrow :).


I will try to bring it down to a game night to try out.  Either way - you need to bring those cars to OFCC…maybe ?



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And I had a couple more hours for painting than I thought today so i got these done.






A friend is going to dig through his old collection of toys from when he was a kid and donate a couple next week. Hopefully he can find some truck and off road vehicles with the slightly larger tires.
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