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9th Age Armies Released

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I didn't see a post here, but it looks like the 9th Age people have put out the updated armybooks and have a new draft of the main rules as well. I was originally pretty skeptical of it, but 9th Age is really turning out pretty nice. All of the new armybooks are pretty well put together and all of the main rule changes seem like big improvements over 8th. Check it out!


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I'm going to start trying to get people to try this out up here in Bellingham. I think it'll take a little while to get going as everyone is still a little disheartened on Fantasy since the end of 8th, but people are slowly coming around. I've been looking through all of the army books and it looks like there is something to be excited about no matter what army you used to play.

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Working on lists, and I've got to say... 9th age seems baller as [big bad swear word]. I don't know if it's the same for all of the lists, and not just the ones I play, but it seems all of the no-brainier stuff is reigned in, and a lot of the stuff I'd ignore before is worth considering. I can no longer abuse a lot of the idiosyncrasies of 8th (Congo lines with champions in front, elves rerolling everything), but I reckon that's a good thing.


Big changes: shields are awesome on infantry now? -1 to hit? Yes please!


Disappointed with some of the Nurgle stuff. While I like the monogod daemon benefits, I wish I miss the variety you can get from the Legion lists. I reckon the community can always come up with monogod Legion lists. Here's hoping!

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Wow, those WE rules are insane.  Can only hope they drop the blind designing soon as right now things are reminding me a lot more of 7th than of 8th in terms of army books.  I mean, the Daemonslayer has, what, 12 special rules and the ability to buy more?  And they did nothing to improve the slayer rule to make it not a nightmare of book keeping?  I guess we can only hope the 9th Age team uses the advantage of their super small size to pump out new iterations quickly.

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I think a lot of the currently crazy stuff like the Daemonslayer are definitely going to be getting reined in soon. Basically for anyone who hasn't been following it, the process has been:


1. Rules Team puts together core rules and magic paths

2. Army Book Committees redo army books

3. Rules Team modifies army books to bring everything into balance

4. Rules Team and Army Book Committees analyze playtest data and make changes to everything as needed


They're basically in the middle of step 3 right now and just did a 0.9.1 update to all of the army books for errata and balance issues that needed to be immediately addressed. Word has it that the first major batch of changes to the books are coming on the 21st with another planned pass to be done at the end of December. I feel like they're definitely on top of things and things are only going to get better from here.

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