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Marvel movie tournament bracket


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With the release of Captain America: Civil War, countless conversations have started about where it rates with previously released movies.


I wanted to do something different. Here is a 32 position bracket listing (and seeding) the top 32 movies according to Metacritic.




How does your bracket shape up?



Note: I know the list is just an image, but it was the only tool I could find for building a 32 man seeded bracket.

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im weird.  i also really liked blade(original) lol.  there's a lot of decent movies(some horrible though haha) in there.  some "ive heard are awesome yet to see" so my thoughts seem a bit bland hahah.  id go with blade, a few spider-mans and deadpool.  Liked a few X-men but cant remember which ones were which(i think im going senile).  I've also never been a huge Capt America fan so I've just never seen the movies.  Probably should see them regardless...

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