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Timbers Season Opener 8 March


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How many US Open cups do the Timbers have? oh wait NONE

How many times have the Timbers been to the playoffs? ONCE, but that better than NONE

How many coaches have the Timbers been through?

How many logs have been cut because of goals? Less than one :(


All fan based ribbing aside.....Timbers are my second favorite MLS team, it's a GREAT and REAL rivalry :) good luck this season


I'm a big fan of RSL too, those guys are a tough team

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I went last year to a game and being from England and being used to the Premier league i was really disappointed.


My issues are:


No Crowd segregation! (Best part of football in the UK is the banter sung between fans!)

Artificial Pitch (Playing on that surface isn't real football!)

Alcohol and lack of - Its part of the experience pre game in the UK along with a bookies under the stand to put a few bets on regarding the game.


Stuff i found pretty funny:


Some guys with a chainsaw cutting off a log when they scored


Obviously the skill level wasn't what I'm used to but the overall experience is difference so i guess i will continue to watch EPL on tv and go watch my hockey matches (Which is now my adopted sport over here in the US!)


Good luck to the Timbers though this year! 

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I'm not bashing splinx but I will point out a couple things:


1.  MLS never claimed to be the EPL

2.  The MLS has come a very long way to bring soccer (hahaha) into the national spot light in a very short time

3.  The MLS still has a long way to go and a careful road to travel to get there

4.  All your EPL clubs are [big bad swear word]ING bankrupt and are so in debt that their respective governments keep them up and running

5.  All MLS refs are at least below par, I strongly feel it's half the problem

6.  The Timbers have one of the most successful franchises in the league, regular Sounder attendance is only bested by a couple leagues IN THE WORLD



6a. I would argue that if the Geldwen (SP) stadium was bigger, the Timbers would have higher attendance.

7.  When you pooh pooh the sounders and the timbers and MLS you sound like a snoob and do nothing to help soccer in the USA

8.  You probably weren't able to make it to many live EPL matches either, here at least you have a chance and no hooligans

9.  Kids play soccer in the streets of most countries, try telling them that they aren't playing 'football'

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Which clubs have been bailed out by governments in the UK? I can't think of any and I lived there for 30 years.


I was just pointing out stark difference between the two leagues dude. No offense intended. It seems as though you guys are going in the right direction however i feel it is still lacking far behind the rest of the world with regard to atmosphere, skill level and overall experience. Please go watch a live game in England, Italy, Germany and Spain and tell me I'm wrong.


As i said good luck to the Timbers this season along with the Sounders! 

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oh, I fully admit, the MLS has a long road ahead of us, but I feel, considering the general national focus on other sports like football and basketball, we've come a long way.  I fully agree the skill isn't there, which is why I think referees are so important.  The back up plan for a soccer player that is out skilled by his opponent is thuggery, which hurts everyone ( I can go on for hours on this topic ).


When I find I minute I'll do the internet research again on the bankruptcy of the larger football houses, it was a shock to me when I read it.


The USA will never have the atmosphere of the rest of the world when it comes to soccer, I believe the way we go about enjoying our primary sports will forever color that.  I admit, it makes me a bit sad that there are no rolling anthems sung at volume by the fans, that is something I would like to experience.  I humbly suggest you try a Sounder game, and see how it compares.


I guess, where I'm coming from on this is: We've come a long way, I don't think any MLS fan will try to say we're on par with the EPL, at least not for another 50 years.  But I am proud of the MLS and my teams, I feel they do the best they can with what we have, someone's got to be the best, it's just not us.....yet ;). 

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I am going. I went to the preseason game last Sunday and am gong to the one tomorrow Saturday, too.


I have season tickets so rarely miss a game.


I think all the indicators are there that this will be a great year for the PTFC. Ives Galarcep at Soccer by Ives thinks the timbers will take the MLS Cup this year and I don't doubt him. It is obvious that Caleb Porter has incredible vision. Last year's team was phenomenal, and I feel that every change we made in the off season has been an upgrade. Very excited for this season.

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I like my hand egg, but football is much more fun. You actually get to see the players play for a full 90, not just 20 minutes of play, lots of wandering around the field, and commercials every other play.

True, true. I used to feel the same way. Think of it more like tabletop games. Each time it's YOUR turn, you commence whatever attack you have planned for the turn. But there are breaks in the action there too--both players being active constantly would be pure chaos!


That said, the constant motion of soccer is impressive to behold and the athleticism of people who can do that for 90 minutes is staggering. Soccer is a sport I can watch at all skill levels and enjoy to pretty much the same degree. The skills it takes to participate are easy to learn so everyone looks competent, regardless of how good they actually are. Of course, you can tell the difference as you watch pros, but they aren't doing anything different from amateurs, they just do it better. Amateur football, on the other hand, is kind of painful to watch because the level of coordination for 11 players to all do what they need to do in a few seconds is immense.

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Pulling out a draw like that is good, no snark.  It takes heart to earn that goal, late in the game, [big bad swear word]ty weather.  heart is something the Sounders have struggled with in the last 5 seasons, if we're up, you better watch out cause we're coming for your lunch money for all year, but if we get down......the opposing team doesn't even really need to push, we've beat ourselves in our own heads.


For the Sounder win, it was very encouraging to see our attacking game pick up speed as the game progressed.  And a last second win, literally last second, shows heart to me.


I also found Sigi's substitution strategy VERY interesting.  Until this season his subs have been.....random at best to me.  Saturday's substitutions were VERY specific I felt.  Adding in Dempsy, Barrett and Okoli definitely upped the pace and scoring potential for our side and put an already defensive Sporting KC ( in the second half ) into an even more defensive position.  The Sounders made some very promising runs, very encouraging.

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