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Fate of Konor: WorldWide Campaign - Site is up


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In case anyone is interested:



Posting isn't for another week. Included mission and strategiums for battle forge armies each week. Chaos is always attacker, Imperial always defender. If both are imperial/Chaos then roll off determines attacker/defender. Xenos armies can pick either side and even swap sides to balance the two factions.

You can also buy and paint stuff to get points. Each week there is a theme, week 1 being "Get Started" boxes. You get double points for buying/painting these kits. You also get double points for using them in games:

" So, for example, if you paint up a new Land Raider for Week 3 – you’ll get double the points. If you use that Land Raider in a game that you win that week, you’ll also receive double the points for the victory as well! "

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Set up as power level. 

This is from the East Port Plaza GW

"The Fate of Konor is coming up quickly and there is so much to it!

It has bonuses for collectors, painters, and gamers! We will have awards for all different types of accomplishments. Tokens and buttons for people who come play games at the shop! Those awesome dice bags you see will be for the first people who finish their cards completely! 6 games, 6 painted units, and 6 new units to add to your forces!

We will be having an escalating league over the 6 weeks of the campaign!
Week 1- Start Collecting or equivalent of 25 pp
Week 2- Add an elite. Up to 40 pp
Week 3- Add a tank. Up to 50 pp
Week 4- Add a psyker. Up to 60 pp
Week 5- Add a fast attack or flyer. Up to 70 pp
Week 6- Add a lord of war/ scenery. Up to 85 pp

These numbers have some flex to them but they are rough estimates but it allows you to plan out what you want to add to your army in the coming weeks!"

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I think I heard that the next campaign will be titled:


So it should be ok.



It does suck that some are excluded.  

They should have just cut to the chase and said add a primaris librarian.  :p

Even though the event is sales driven I'm still looking forward to it.

Ill be starting art forge/40k threads to report painted units/games.  It's fun to feel like I'm contributing to the universe I've partially lived in for 20+ years.


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On 20/07/2017 at 4:26 PM, Munkie said:

Why "add a psyker?" It could have been add a character, but lets exclude some armies just because.

Given that this incentive campaign is clearly aimed at people building new armies and is administed by the local stores, I would be shocked if the local guy(s) didn't use their discretion to award points for "equivalent" unit options. That's just basic salesmanship and customer service.

If I was running a league like this in a store and little Mikey and Molly McExample were collecting Tau and Necrons – armies without psykers – I'd give them the points if they purchased, painted, and used an Æthereal and Cryptek. They fill the same general niche in the game, require the same level of hobbyist skill, and (although I probably wouldn't mention this aloud) carry roughly the same profit margins for the company.

Likewise, the Tyranids don't technically have tanks. But if Mike and Molly's mom decided to jump into the hobby with some space bugs, it'd be silly not to let her count a Tyranofex or Tervigon as a tank. 


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