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2018 OFCC 40K - Calling All Captains !!! - Get Your Approvals!


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This is the Official call for Captains!

Becoming a Captain for the 2018 OFCC 40K Team Event is easy as 1,2,3

1. Read the entire Event Players Packet to understand what this event is about and the role you will play

2. Agree to the duties and responsibilities required to be a team captain

3. Post your information below so I can add you to the approved Captain list

Don't worry if you don't have all of your information so far, just know that I will need everything listed in the Team Roster well in advance of the event.

Here is the list of Approved Captains to date and their teams (and commentary for no apparent reason):

  1. VonVilkee - These are NOT dollies!  (not sure if this is the name they landed on, taken from their discussion thread)
  2. Craeat - Ordo East (this will be our second team coming out from Ohio to join Team Diversity in their plans for Midwest domination)
  3. WestRider - Infil-Traitors (returning captain with a new team name, I wonder if this a hint as to what is on the team?)
  4. Edosaurus Rex - Kill! Maim! Beer! (Both a team name and an OFCC to-do list)
  5. Tallbeard - The Emporer's Neckbeards (As long as we've had teams in 40K OFCC we've had Neckbeards)
  6. Manethak - Get Off My LAN (As both a nerd and an old man, I have always been a fan of this team name)
  7. Xavier319 - Team Diversity (Now that I have the OFFICIAL confirmation that TD is coming, I can sleep easy) 🙂
  8. peter.cosgrove - Silence of the Warp (Now with freshly updated team name) 🙂 
  9. DisruptiveConduct - Just the Dickel (Some words are NOT worth googling...trust me!)
  10. zcaust83 - Team Fury (I fear your fate may be in their hands) 🙂
  11. Limey_ElJonson - A Club Underdogs (OFCC would not be complete without our brothers from Canada!)
  12. Frowbakk - Team Ad-Hoc (A newly forged team from the Player Finder thread with both neophyte and veteran OFCC players!)
  13. Kolby Hopkins - Team Wake me up when the group is full (Looks like we will have more Southern invaders coming to ravage OFCC!)
  14. Chappy - Team Fanger Zone (Fanger Zone is back which means you all need to step up your paint game!)
  15. Venom - Team Grimdrunk (I think there is no better way to approach the 40K universe!)

If you see folks added to this list without a post below, they may have reached out another way. 🙂

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