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OBBL 2018 Apertura Playoff Picture


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Blood Bowlers, we are quickly (not as quickly as we should be) approaching the 2018 Apertura playoffs. In the Premiership, the two final games have yet to be played. Three teams have locked up a playoff spot, though their final position is undetermined. @Vraeden‘s Black Pool Dragons will finish first or second seed depending on the result of his game with @Frostitute‘s Sandwich Popcicles. Interestingly enough, the Popcicles are right behind the Dragons, and are also guaranteed one of the two top spots.

Outside the top two, @Burk‘s Southland Reavers will finish either third or fourth seed, dependent on the result of Blood Blood Blood vs Calamitous Intent. Unfortunately, @kb10r has gone radio silent on scheduling this game, and @michaels leaves the area this Saturday. If @kb10r‘s Blood Blood Blood defeats Intent, they will end with 17 points and the tiebreaker over Southland Reavers, giving @kb10r the third seed and @Burk the fourth. If Blood Blood Blood and Calamitous Intent tie, then Bloodx3 goes in as the fourth seed, and the Reavers are third. If Intent wins, Bloodx3 is out, and @michaels can hold his head high that he made the playoffs but cannot finish them before he moves. Pretty unfortunate that the games are taking this long to schedule. 

In the Super League, a similar scenario exists, in this case the four teams are already determined, but the final placements rest on the results of one game. As of now, @sfoster‘s Skaven sir stop the table on 13 points, followed by @Damien, @ninefinger, and @Ziggens. @Damien and @ninefinger‘s final game versus each other will determine the final standings. If @Damien‘s Profit and Misery wins, he will leapfrog @sfoster‘s Dirty Rat bastards into first place. If the final game ends in a draw, Profit and Misery will still be first seed, as that will end them in a tie with the Dirty Rat Bastards, and @Damien owns the tiebreaker. Hopefully the picture will be cleared up soon. 


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Take Lennon's lyrics as advice.

Imagine Sandwich Popsicles

It is easy if you try

No loss below us

Above us only deciding

Imagine Sandwich Popiscles deciding for today

Imagine there is no opponents

It isn't hard to do

All to Kill and die for

and no Nuffle too.

Imagine all coaches living life in hell, you.

You may say I'm a master

But I am the only one

I hope one day you'll not join me

And the world be as one.

Imagine no Illegal procedures

I wonder if you can't

No need for rules or amateurs

A brotherhood of pros

Imagine all the coaches sharing all the losses, you

You may say I'm a master

But I'm the only one

I hope one day you'll win against me

And the world will be not.


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11 hours ago, Frostitute said:

Can all these games be DECIDED before I decide thanks. I don't win games on random dice rolls. I make it advantages for my dice to decide. If any BB coach doesn't get what i just said. Ask me about winning a major tournament. I can and will LET any coach take my advice on deciding.


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And now the Premiership playoffs are set! After @Frostitute chose to lose to @Vraeden, the Sandwich Popcicles are second seed, and the Black Pool Dragons end the season undefeated and in first place! Great job, Aeden!

1) Black Pool Dragons @Vraeden vs 4) Calamitous Intent @michaels

2) Sandwich Popcicles @Frostitute vs 3) Southland Reavers @Burk

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2 hours ago, sbr said:

I hate to be the guy to give up a playoff spot but I'm gonna have to this time.


No worries my friend, I expected this to be your reply. Now we are waiting on @kb10r to reply, or  the spot will fall to @drod. I know Dave has a ton going on now, so if he cannot or does not want to face Aeden, or if we don’t hear back from him by Saturday, then Dan Rod gets the spot.

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Congratulations to @Vraeden, his Black Pool Dragons are the 2018 OBBL champs! Aeden had an undefeated season, only drawing one game in eleven. Aeden's Lizardmen defeated Travis's Dark Elf 4-2 in the Premiership championship game. Congrats are also in order for @Frostitute for his second place finish. Great job, Aeden!

2018 OBBL Apertura Champions, BLACK POOL DRAGONS!


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