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Captain Marvel next trailer


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23 minutes ago, InfestedKerrigan said:

Did you watch X Men animated series in the 90s?

Episode has her and rogue fighting in rogues head cuz Rogue fkd her up, putting her in a coma, while working with Magneto.

Yes and no, I don't remember that 😞

thank you for the go find episode suggestion


oh dam...


Yes I remember that.

Hot dam

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That wasn’t even the worst thing that happened to Carol over the years. I actually used to own a copy of Avengers (Vol. 1) #200...

Got it as part of one of those “25 comics for $5.00” blind bags that comic shops used to make up to clear out old back issues. Even as a third-grader, I knew that this was a pretty @&$#’ed up plot. 

Wonder if they’ll use it in the MCU.

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1 hour ago, paxmiles said:

So are they really starting with the 7th Captain Marvel? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Marvel_(Marvel_Comics)

Yes and no; Carol Danvers was introduced quite early in the run of Marvel Comics’ first Captain Marvel character (Marvel Super-Heroes [Vol. 1] #13) in 1968 and gained superpowers of her own in 1977... But she used the name Ms. Marvel.

Monica Rambeau didn’t debut until 1982, she used the Captian Marvel name for a long while but was never as prominent as Ms. Marvel.

Marvel Comics mostly created all the characters by this name in order to give them a comic book titled Captain Marvel as a way to prevent DC Comics from using the title for their Captain Marvel... Which is why everyone thought Billy Batson was named Shazam

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Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil miniseries by Jeff Smith was excellent.

Shazam! The Power of Hope by Paul Dini and Alex Ross is outstanding.

I’m also very fond of the JSA comic that ran from 1999-2006, with many of its plot threads carrying on into Justice Society of America (Vol. 3) which “replaced” it and continued on through 2011. Captain Marvel and Black Adam are prominent parts of the ensemble, albeit moving in and out of focus (it’s a team book). But the Billy/Courtney romance is one of the best teenagers in love stories in comics and the  Adam/Isis/Osiris plot is some of the best character development that Black Adam has ever gotten. It’s also just a damn fun comic book overall, a real unsung gem.

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