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Ordo BB2 OPEN Ladder

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I had a request to create an Ordo Open Ladder on BB2.  I have done so. 

Open to any team, experienced or new.  

Note that it is unlikely many teams will be be on and "spinning" up a game at the same time so might be best for those that want to partake to pre-schedule games.


It can be found under - 

League: Ordo Fanaticus

Competition: Ordo Open Ladder




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On 3/11/2020 at 8:55 PM, Burk said:

sure...why not..


Mr. Burk, sir, I like the way you roll.  New Norse Team "Test Four Delta" registered and ready to hit.

As always, gentlemen, if you want to rock, text 510-828-8161.  My schedule may be stochastic, but out here in Boring, we need a little excitement...ever since the Not So Boring Bar And Grill changed it's name to the Boring Bar.  Yea, I know.

Let's play some Blood Bowl!



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3 hours ago, SquirrelyDan said:

I'll make a new team and give you a game.  Is an hour from now too late?

Hey didn't see the message. I know we're dealing with a big time difference between AU and the US, but just let me know what time works for the next couple of days and we'll get a game in. 

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