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Cabin Fever Painting Frenzy Challenge week 7!!!

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So Far: 1 Redemptor Dreadnought; 5 Primaris Hellblasters, 1 Ork Warboss, 1 Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy; 1 Crashed Imperial Duder; 1 Wrecked Coke Machine; 1 Primaris Lieutentant

This Week: 3 Imperial Fist Aggressors

Challenge: Nerd Central, cruelly infringed upon by work-from-home Windows machine


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I find your tidiness... disturbing.

This weeks project is my unit of samurai, intended originally to be a proxy Greatswords unit for Warhammer; now that I’m repurposing these guys for The 9th Age they’ll be Imperial Guard.

Taking a cue from @TheBeninator’s Kingdom of Equality-tane I thought I’d make the unit a lot more colorful than my blocks of ashigaru. So while the peasant foot-soldiers all wear a uniform armor in the color of their lord, the samurai will each be unique... Which means this unit is taking forever to paint. It also kinda looks like multicolored garbage now. I’m hoping that once they’re all done and I can do their bases, that the common basing will tie them together.


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My little wood box village from last week continues to grow. I’m having a bit of trouble getting the peaked roofs for the other two small buildings to cooperate, but nothing a lot of hot glue and foul language can’t fix.


There will be two houses/shops with peaked roofs (I might add dormers to one) and the Green Dragon pub with the flat roof. I’ve used one of the two larger drawers “right side up” for a walled garden (which would also make a good grave yard, if I add a few tombstones).


The “walled garden” still needs some brickwork to cover the tops of the walls. I may need to raid the clubhouse bitz boxes to get some of those old Chaos Rhino spike strips for added grimdark.

I’ve got one more large drawer to use, but I’m not sure what I want to do with it... 

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Well, my copy of Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age just arrived in the mail this morning. I think any hobby time I had planned for painting projects for today has been scuttled so that I can read this book.

Initial impressions are that the artwork is absolutely stunning. I’ve always had a strong preference for this style of fantasty by way of realism style, like John Howe’s or Alan Lee’s artwork for Tolkien. The book is quite clearly laid out, very easy to read and reference, and at $35.00 USD MSRP is an excellent value.

Oathmark is a “rank and flank” massed combat game, similar to WHFB or T9A, but with a lot less of the mind-numbing complexity of later editions of WHFB. Not “simplistic,” but definitely a lot more approachable.

Four things jump out at me right away that set it apart from competitors:

First is the “kingdom design” aspect: each player has a list of territories to choose from to build their kingdom – Human City, Elf City, Monastery, Caves, etc. – and each territory type gives you access to a different unit(s). You essentially write your own “codex” for your unique kingdom.

Second (and related to the first) is that your armies can absolutely be a mix of dwarves, elves, humans, goblins, and orcs. You can also go completely mono-species if you want. (We won’t judge you. You filthy racist.)

Third, there’s both a cap on unit sizes and on the number of multiples of a unit type. For example, most human-sized infantry can only be fielded in units of up to 20 and you cannot have more than four of those units. So you’ll never have more than 80 of a particular unit. Four units of 20-strong Elf Spearmen, for example, means a hard cap of 80 Elf Spearmen models.

Fourth, the game looks like it will play pretty swiftly. Suggested standard size game with several large units, several character figures, and/or monsters is 2,500 Points. To put that in perspective, the basic Human Soldier (who every Elf Soldier, Goblin Soldier, et. al. is either a bit better or a bit worse than for slightly more or less points) is 12 Points; A Human General is 260 Points; A Level 3 (out of 5) Human Wizard is 200 Points; and the most expensive single model in the game is a Dragon for 700 Points, 800 Points if you give it wings.






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