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Border Princes Bash - 7s League - Skills Draft #1


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Following each League Night is a Skills Draft with the order based on League Points (LPs) earned during League Night. 

@Weav @Amado @savion47 @Burk @scotthartman @sbr @ninefinger @kb10r @Maxwell Christian @ROGRE


  1. Review the list of Skills available in the Draft Pool 
  2. When it is your turn in the order, post to this thread with your selection and player assignment
    1. NOTE: the assignment must be legal (ie, the player must have either Primary or Secondary access to the skill) 
  3. Your post MUST include:
    1. ID (listed to the left of the skill in the pool)
    2. Skill
    3. Assigned Player (roster number and name) 
    4. Value Increase
    5. Example: A3, Jump Up, #7 Gladys McFanny, +20K 
  4. You may post your selection out of order, but your choice may be voided by a coach earlier in the draft order
    1. Your post may include an alternate selection (for example, if you're going to be unavailable all day) 
  5. The draft closes at 11:59 PM PT the same day the pool is posted 
  6. Any coach who did not make a selection during the draft time will have a skill randomly selected and randomly assigned to player on their team roster
  7. YOU are responsible for updating your team roster correctly, including the new Player Value and Team Value 


All Drafted skills are considered to be Chosen skills for Value Increases. The total Value Increase is based on the normal access for the player selected. 

Chosen Primary skill: +20,000 gp
Chosen Secondary skill: +40,000 gp
Chosen Unavailable* skill: +40,000 gp

*Unavailable skill is one the player would not normally be able to get; for example, a Mutation or Trait. 


In case you're wondering, these are generated randomly using a Google Sheet RANDBETWEEN() function . 

ID Agility ID General ID Mutations ID Passing ID Strength ID Traits
A1 Defensive G1 Dauntless M1 Foul Appearance P1 Fumblerooskie S1 Thick Skull T1 Swarming
A2 Diving Tackle G2 Shadowing M2 Two Heads P2 Cannoneer S2 Mighty Blow (+1) T2 Decay
A3 Catch G3 Strip Ball M3 Iron Hard Skin P3 Dump-off S3 Grab T3 No Hands
A4 Sure Feet G4 Sure Hands M4 Tentacles P4 Leader S4 Arm Bar T4 Animal Savagery
A5 Catch G5 Wrestle M5 Foul Appearance P5 On the Ball S5 Mighty Blow (+1) T5 Swoop


is the order for this draft, based on these results from League Night games.
LPT = League Points Total

Blood River Reavers 2 3 1 1 3 14 2 0 0 1
Rhaphen Pillagers 2 3 2 3 3 14 1 0 1 2
Nagash Numbskulls 1 2 0 3 1 10 1 0 0 3
Silverspire Musket Balls 1 1 0 2 0 8 1 0 0 4
Hope Springs Heckions 2 1 1 0 3 7 1 1 0 5
The Brothers Stout 2 1 2 2 0 7 0 1 1 6
Death Bed Friendlies 2 1 4 3 2 6 0 2 0 7
Keepers of the Garden 2 1 4 3 4 6 0 2 0 8
Red Port Snakers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9
Teclis'ulor Cancer 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10
Forever 7's Krooked Kuntz 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11


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I'd like to mask my clumsiness with cleverness, but alas, I merely pasted the complete random table instead of cropping out the Traits column. There *may* be a special event in the future for such wonderful options as selecting No Hands or Really Stupid for your players, but not today. 

@Burk is up!

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Here are the results of the draft: 

Selections so far: 

kb10r - P4 Leader
Burk - G4 Sure Hands
savion47 - S2 Mighty Blow (+1) 
ninefinger - P5 On the Ball 
jollyork - A4 Sure Feet 
scotthartman - S5 mighty blow
Amado - A3 Diving Tackle
sbr - G5, Wrestle
Maxwell Christian - none
Weav - P3, Dump-off
Rogre - none

Please be sure to update your team rosters and Team Values for your next match. Remember the schedule to completely open, you can play any other team at any time! 

Obviously the online draft format is turning into a bit of a debacle with timing, so for the next one. will alter the way it works and publish new guidelines for selections. Feedback welcome.


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