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Recap? Pictures? I thought I'd see at least one new post in here....

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I would say that this OFCC harkened back to the early days of the event, when the tournament/s were smaller and it was easier to get to know everyone at the event. There was a significant OFCC veteran presence, but also I would say the majority of the people attending 9th Age and 40k Doubles were brand new attendees. I basically saw a ton of smiles during the weekend and most everyone was talking about next year before the event was even over. The Senate will have to discuss the particulars, but I think it's likely that we'll try to do OFCC or a similar type event at this venue again. 


I'll ask the TOs to put up the tournament rankings and see if anyone has any pictures they want to post. I have a few pics on my phone, but I was mostly observing during the weekend. 

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The Columbia Clash (The Ninth Age) tournament was a resounding success. As the TO, I had 0 player complains, one arbitration call (and it was a very close one, the players both accepted the arbitration without bitterness), and a handful of rules questions where both players simply just where not sure on a particular rules question. I couldn't have asked for a more self sufficient group! The secondary objective shenanigans I forced my players to deal with where well received and even bore some excitement.

Battle Points for the matches and rankings can be found on New Recruit here:


To mention our top 3 prize winners there where three categories:

1) Best Sportsmanship - Based on a sportsmanship vote, then tie broken by the player with the lowest battle point score (as being a good sport about losing is truly a testemate to superior sportsmanship).

2) Best Team - This was a catch-all for optional two person teams where they collected points for painting, theme, sportsmanship, poetry, banners/shirts/warcries, participation in the army swap challenge, and a bunch of wacky tertiary objectives.

3) Best General - This was based on battle points

Our best General award went to Henry G from the somewhere in California (somewhere between SF and Sacramento I think?). He was sporting the beautifully painted Asklanders (a supplement army book) where he fielded over 200 Norse barbarians who only seeked to make their way to Valhalla.

Out best Team award was a very close race, with the top 3 teams within 1 point of each other (out of a total of 50 possible points).

In third where the Midtable Menaces Margaritaville Manglers with their casual island shirts.

In second place was minmax from California with their strong paint scores and equally strong performance in the tertiary objectives

In first place was 2 hangry 2 furious, two brothers from the Portland area who competed in every aspect of the team challenge and truly rose to the occasion. With a war banner to present and of course a bit of bribery by bringing donuts, this team showed the full spirit of OFCC. @OreoGolem & brother Conner (unsure if he has a handle on Ordo), well done!

And finally, for our must coveted prize, the best sportsmanship award. I had players vote for their top 2 choices, in hopes that this would eliminate any tie votes. Well that theory was debunk because we had a 7 way tie! What an amazing showing, but in the end the prize went to @Yarbicus for weathering the storm of battle and keeping a smile on everyone's face.

Thank you all who helped put the event together, I had a great time.

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I enjoyed reading your recap Torg. I haven't played at an ofcc in a hot minute, even given the gap, but I plan to come back next year. I've captained a team before, and been a member of several teams in the past. I'd love to grab some of my buddies from years past and put together a crew. I'm glad the event has returned. I'll be painting to get ready for next summer. 

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I had a great time.  It was my second ever tournament and first time I was able to complete a tournament.  Me and Torg did way better than I expected.  Despite getting a nasty cold, it was worth it to meet so many nice people.

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