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Here are some links to help people figure out their armies. 


N3 Profile list. It has all the profiles from the three current books. They are broken up into factions. The main book is listed first, followed by Human Sphere and then Campaign: Paradiso.



Army 5 army builder program. It's not perfect but it works.




Aleph Toolbox is another army builder. It's pretty basic but gets the job done. I don't know if it's fully updated or not.




Another army builder is Mayanet. It's exclusive to the apple iOS. So if you have an iPhone or iPad, this program works great and has some cool features.




You can find more items to support your game in the downloads section of the Infinity website. 




I found this site that can create custom sheets for markers. You can choose whatever you like and quantity to print out. 






NakedPanda's site for MDF terrain. He is an awesome person and infinity player. Please support this local business!

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George - you mentioned a few things at OFCC that I was looking for online.  One was a resource for building things… the other was a source for those stick on plastic disks to make my own counters?  I forgot both places to find those.  If you could please refresh my brain?



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George - you mentioned a few things at OFCC that I was looking for online.  One was a resource for building things… the other was a source for those stick on plastic disks to make my own counters?  I forgot both places to find those.  If you could please refresh my brain?



The website I was talking about was called http://www.data-sphere.net/ 


Check it out. Tons of cool information. 

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ITS Season 10: Missions and Rules




Comlog (Andriod)

All of Season 10's ITS Missions in one place and super easy to read. 


Faction Review:

Digital Initiative




MayaCast comes highly recommended and is downloadable on iTunes.

Kip and Tom discuss scenarios, rules, factions, and events on the biggest Infinity Podcast around.

Ben & Marty: White Noise. An Infinity Podcast out of Perth, Australia 🇦🇺 

Lhost -Warcors from the St. Louis Area: John, Chad, and Chad

Limited Insertion - A 30 minute tactical advice podcast.

Meta Chemistry - Nathan and Dexter's Podcast.. 

Personal Flashpaper: An Infinity Podcast - Grant, Randy, and crew learn to play Infinity.

Remote Presence. The Minneapolis Twin-Finity crew: Sean, Greg, and Joel. This is a podcast for the competitive, ITS player.

Tabletop Gamers United

Total Reaktion

Totally Crit - From England. Tournament players discuss the game. 



Bromad Academy - From local Jon Tse

Data Sphere

The Dice Abide

Lead Rising

Mercenary Recon Corps - John Tse's Battle Report blog

Pride of Rodina

Straight Outta Caledonia




Hacking Helper

Human Sphere - Model Catalog

Infinity Dice Calculator




Antenocitis Workshop

Back 2 Base-ix


Death Ray Designs (toppers)

The Dragon Forge

Happy Seppuku

Micro Arts Studio

Secret Weapon Miniatures - A long time OFCC sponsor.




Game Mats:


Cigar Box Battle Store

Deep Cut Studio

FLG mats

FAT mats by Tablewar



Hexagon Mill

Mats by Mars

Micro Art Studio




Display Boards:




Markers, Templates, and Tokens:


Art of War Studios


Battle Kiwi

Black Maria Designs


Every Little War

Infinity Token Creator

LoS Block

Micro Art Studios

Muse on Minis

Print & Play








Battle Kiwi

Black Maria Designs


Burn In Designs

CNC Workshop


Death Ray Designs

Every Little War

Gamecraft Miniatures

Frontier Gaming

Gingermane Studios

Knights of Dice



Plastcraft Games

Right Arm Labs

Sarissa Precision

Shark Mounted Lasers

Systema Gaming   

Skylabs Terrain


War Mill


Zen Terrain





If you have more recommendations to pass on, let me know and I will add it to the list. 

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So, if you want to make your own Infinity markers on the cheap I recommend getting these:



Cut out the tokens, best done using a 1in hole punch you car get at places that sell scrap booking supplies, and stick the clear epoxy thing to the top. Cheap and works great!

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This seems like maybe a good addition to the game resources.  Breakdown of playing an ITS mission as explained to a noob.






These guys have a decent series of battle reports for Infinity that I've found the most success consuming.



Edit:  I really like the concept of declaring your intentions.  

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Ordered the Infinity rule book from Red Castle.  $48 (I think 20% off, Red Castle's standard deal) and arrived at the store in 6 days.   I feel like having these books in my hand is the piece that I've been missing to Infinity. I've read through the pdfs, but I really appreciate having the book in hand.  This isn't a 40k, high school year book quality book, but the 2 books together, one for rules, the other for fluff are done well and of reasonable quality for a rule book that will be replaced at some unspecified point in the future.  I am sure there are full reviews that can give you the breakdown, but for a game that already has my imagination, this was a good investment.  



I think that maybe the fluff book is not available for *official* download.  Does anyone know if a CB link to that book?


I fully support voting with my dollars, and showing a company like Corvus Belli, it's distributors, and FLGSs what games and game assets are worth my investment.  


Red Castle is doing a great job of keeping the basic starter sets for the factions in stock.  That and yu-jing.  


Also, I recently purchased Operation Ice Storm up at Dice Age in Vancouver.  They have the best terrain selection I've seen yet in the PDX area (GREAT JOB GUYS!)

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Hello All!


I am adding a few new products to the lists. As always, I do not endorse any product. I am simply giving gamers options. 


The first is is Mats by Mars


Per the Remote Presence Podcast, the print is deep and the vinyl lays flat. 



LoS Block has a different take on tokens and some silhouette markers/



They also make some terrain that looks right out of the planet Miranda from Serenity. The second floor on the command hub is very clever.



MC Studio makes silhouette friendly, easily packable and transportable terrain. 


Finally, Every Little War makes objective markers, facing templates, faction orders, and buildings. Adam who plays at Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare in Sherwood knows one of the guys from this company. I have used the markers and command buildings in at the store's ITS. 


The company is starting corridor sets great for playing on ships or playing space hulk type games. 



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