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Chance to practice your lists

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yea well i feel like a pug after the mistake i made: ofcc is july 18-19.  i didnt realize the actual dates until about a month ago after i already paid.  july 19th is my first year anniversary.... so yes, very much so in the doghouse.

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident, but I think this is like the 5th or 6th time I've heard of this happening to someone who planned on playing in an OFCC event.


Good luck, in any case!

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thanks chris for running it.  was fun to finally get down to BL and hangout with you salem guys.  good sendoff for my beasts seeing as im guessing its the last time they'll see 8th edition(unless AoS/9th blows and we continue playing 8th).  i brought my typical list except dropped the herdstone cause i wanted to bring a lvl2 on wild, razorgor and hellstriders.  im glad i did cause it was a bit more fun.  if only fixxer would have let me summon a ghorgon ugh i was looking forward to that lol.  talking about fixxer that was the last game, blood and glory.  we were just talking about it beforehand and was like 'well, can my daemon prince get into combat and kill the sear before he gets blown off the board by cannons'.  i was fortunate because matt seems to have sucked up all my dwarven misfire dice rolls.  still he got the doomwheel into the daemon prince but couldnt wound with zap zap before my doombull got the sear.  pretty epic game as usual... oh and my stinking hellstriders finally did things besides dying turn 2 even though mathematically they should have been dead!  fun times and great to be in the AC at BL.  pretty cool store.

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