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FW has redone their site, so a lot of the content in the old thread is invalid, or broken linked.  As such, I'm starting a new thread.


In celebration of new stuff they gave us: 



85 Pt HQ MC PF, 2+, and for 35 pts, him and any unit he joins gain Stubborn/Preferred Enemy CSM



Link to old thread:


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The fact that free shipping is at GBP100 through September is pretty tempting, too. Really looking at a Fire Raptor right now.

Thanks for pointing that out. I miss it in the first read. Finally ordered that Caestus Assault Ram, I've been eyeballing.

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Finally used one of the two I own in a game. Frickin awesome it is armor 13/13/11 is awesome

Was thinking of putting Azrael inside it....so it has a 4++. :laugh:


Could also look into those legacies and into those death from the skies flyer ace upgrades...

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Anyway, main point is that it's a Fast slot for BA, and I'm planning to field that "Flesh Tearer's Strike Force" so I need a fast slot.


I really am light on the fast slot units I field/own/like.

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