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New Release thread


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The Mobile Brigada are what I wish the Riot Grrls looked like. Those drones are all kinds of frightening. And that Hunzakuts is one of the most beautiful minis I have ever seen and I want to paint it.


Yes! Yes! and OMG, Yes!


Riot GIrls are the only models in the Nomad line I do not like. I might have to pick up that Brigada box. The drones are right out Starship Troopers, the Movie. Finally, the Hunzakuts, is gorgeous.

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Holy crap, check this out!  Mobile Brigada does not have a missile launcher entry in the current Armybuilder. Update coming in HS, perhaps?


Edit: No Hacker option either!

I noticed this too.  Exciting!   I'm hoping that it means more options for a lot of HI units.  I would love to have a few more specialists available to my Knights.

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I really like this company.. had an issue with receiving my pdf for dire foes(raindog I'll give u a copy sometime. Has cool fluff and scenerio for aleph and nomads) and they just sent me it in their response.

Also the releasing of 4 units of different fractions each month is a solid strategy for keeping the masses rather than Idk just releasing khorne and nurgle for half a [big bad swear word]ing year

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