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40k Team Event Preliminary Player Packet

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Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla: The field is split in two, so it looks like the second half is an additional achievement that doesn't make sense.


Last Man Standing: Should that be a single Model? Feels like, as currently described, that's something that happens in most Games.


Mulligan: Needs a different example. Psychic Powers normally happen after Movement anyhow.


Mission 3, Objective 3 should maybe be expanded. That's a reasonable shorthand for people familiar with ITC Maelstrom, but it's probably better to use the full wording for people who aren't. Could use a space to keep track of Tactical Objectives rolled/scored on the sheet like the standard ITC Missions do if possible. Also, there should probably be a description of how to set up the Objectives. Finally, it sounds better to "Slay" an MC rather than "kill" one ;)


Mission 5: Perhaps change to "sabotaged Objective, as per Mysterious Objectives, result 1", just so it matches the wording in the BRB.


Mission Scoring, Sports, Item 2 should be "ready to play", not "read to play".


Appearance Rubric, Conversions, 5 Points: Should be "scratch-build", not "scratch-built".


Overall, looks good. Just those few details that I saw. Thanks!

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Found some typos...


Mission 1 story:

"...Feeling the urge to rush forward haphazardly is all to strong..." (should be "too")


Mission 2 story:


"After the first fray you regroup and head closer towards the beacon lies..." (probably missing "where", as in "where the beacon lies")


"Your scans light up and you forces" (should be "your forces")


Mission 4 story:


"...You know that you must hold not but them all!... (probably missing "one", as in "must hold not one but them all!")


Mission Scoring SAT:


"Did your opponent show up on time read to play?" (should be ready)


Other than these errors the packet looks good to me!

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One important point that might avoid confusion on Mission 2.  Rewrite it like this;


 You control at least 2 objectives: 1 point
 You control 1 more objective than your opponent(1 point)  OR  You control 2 or more objectives than your opponent: (2 points)
Just a suggestion there. The examples make it clear but the rules text could also help with that?
EDIT:  Also, could you please make the font much bigger at the bottom where it reads:  REPORT YOUR POINTS TO YOUR CAPTAIN IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR GAME IS FINISHED.
Not that anyone ever wanders off and makes the Captain chase them down or anything, but you know:  Just in case.  Hehehe.
Also one other question.  The scoring sheet asks several question about the opponent.  Are these ever turned in?  There doesnt seem any place on the actual sheet to indicate the opponent name.  
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I'm not sure I can do that one proper justice and still maintain a good sportsmanship score. Actually, it might even result in something that would end up in criminal charges. Chaos Lords of Khorne aren't very fun to be around ;)

Just shout blood for the blood got a bunch and you should be good.

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I played through mission 3 last night and had some questions. Is there a limit to the number of active tactical objectives you can hold on to?


Also, what happens if you roll the same result more than once? Is it worth as many VPs as times it has been rolled, or do we re-roll?

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I love this format.  Looking forward to my first OFCC in quite awhile.


Couple observations from a grizzled TO.  All of this is intended as feedback, not trying to be contrarian :)


1. Having the last page on your packet have game 1 and working back can make things a bit easier to tear out pages.  Does occasionally confuse people but overall works well.

2. For mission 3 do the objectives have to be unique (eg can I get and use 3 dice slay 7s or do I reroll if I already have a 7). 

3. For mission 3 can I accomplish objectives I held onto at the end of a previous player turn? (eg I hold onto slay a unit at end of my turn and kill a unit in my opponents turn, is that considered accomplished or do I have to complete it in my current player turn).

4. Are mysterious objectives in play for all missions or just the one where they blow up?

5. Are we using the ITC order of operation for start of game or trying to figure out what the rulebook order of operations are.  This includes how first turn is handled (eg Standard rulebook where person who deploys first chooses to go start or go second or ITC/5ed style where you deploy first and go first), generating abilities and warlord traits, etc.

6. For mission 2 I'd make that last sentence 'Max 9 points' stand out a bit more from the clarifications above Something like "A max of 9 Victory Points can be scored for the Primay Mission".  


Also while I like that NoVa style mission, note that the max of 9 they use also interacts with additional ways to earn points beyond the 3 secondaries you have here (and also is intended to balance with end of game option to score).  Without that I can see this coming down to secondaries a lot.  Not a criticism or something I think needs changing, more an observation.

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