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AoS Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh


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So I thought I wanted to paint these guys with a purple tint.  I preshaded them then hit them with some Ghost Tint purple, then higlighted them with light grey and a very pale fleshtone, but I'm not digging them.  I'll try a pale fleshtone glaze later and see if it works, if it doesn't I'll airbush white over the exposed skin and try just a maiden flesh look.



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Learned a trick for non tinting washes.


I wanted to shade the recesses with a fleshy pink tone, but I didn't want the highlights to stain.  I first airbrushed the models with gloss varnish, then mixed up the shade, just added one drop of the pink to 5 drops flesh, and then 6 drops gloss.  The gloss of the wash and the glossed miniature repelled each other, allowing the wash to settle in the recesses while beading up off the high spots.





Then I picked up this Mailifaux mini for my Daemon Prince:



I cleaned up the black from the flesh airbrushing, did a base grey airbrush highlight, and hit that highlight with Badger Minitaire Magenta.






In either case, I'm still not happy with how the flesh turned out.  


I think I'll set these aside and work on the warriors.

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I preshaded these guys, but I inverted the location of the shade so in a broad sense they are lighter on the bottom than on the top.  I figured this would present a more unnatural look to the minis:


Then I used Badger Minitare Ghost Tint Magenta right over the top.  I ended up laying down about 3 layers of this.  The first layer looked pink, the send layer had a more lilac tint,  but the 3rd finally had the rich magenta I was after.  After it cured overnight I put on a layer of Future to seal it up, then I washed it with a 2:1 mix of Future/Vallejo Black Wash with a drop of Flow improver, being careful to not let the wash pool up.  By laying down a gloss seal first and mixing gloss with the wash it prevents the wash from tinting the color I put down first, so it flows into the recesses.  It also helps mitigate tide marks.  I had tested this earlier and was satisfied with the results, but I'm very happy with the ratio for these guys.  Much too shiny right now, but now I can work on the other metals by brush.


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