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Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

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This is my 10 year old daughter assembling a High Elf Dragon. Her first mini.   Now what is more randomly awesome than that!

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Beyond his pieces and the Knight you also will need a dreamforge mauler claw... Kinda disappointed that isn't called out already.

Yeah, the dakka thread is a lot of people asking him to find a more traditional release method so that they can buy the pieces for a reasonable amount. He seems a bit resistant.

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I think that is the 28mm and there is allot of conversion there... Hard for me to tell for sure as I have yet to see them side by side.

OK, yeah, comparing to the pics here, that is the 28mm. It just looks a lot smaller because the whole upper arm part has been removed.


And you saw my OFCC Army last year. You know a lot of conversion work ain't gonna scare me off ;)

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From Dakka:



Ahhhh Mad Max Fury Road. Oh how my inner Ork exploded with WAAAGH energy after watching George Miller's masterpiece. My head is running wild with new ideas for Ork vehicles based on Fury Road's insane hot rods.
Every regiment needs a musician. Enter Da Doof Wagon, inspiring da WAAAGHboyz and adding +99 to leadership. (hell let's rule it with 'Fearless')
This was insane to built, my previous plasticard project was the Carnival of Chaos plague cart and that was no easy task either. Now the Doof Wagon. Had to pillage my entire room and studio for necessary bitz to built this. But in the end, I am awaited in Valhalla. And I shall stride it's halls, all shiny and chrome.
And music of the Doof Warrior's sections. This dude rocking it out, because Immortan demands it!
Now to paint it... WITNESS ME!!!
PS. Don't mind the missing top two drummers, forgot to bring them home for the shoot.
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