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2018 OFCC Friday 40K 2v2 Event - K.A.O.

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2018 OFCC 40K Friday 2v2 3 Round Event – K.A.O.

Welcome everyone!

This event will be like no other you have attended! Well, maybe it will a little bit, but nothing is original anymore, right?

What: 2 Player vs. 2 Player, 3 Round Event

When: Friday, August 24, 2018 @ 3PM until 9PM

Where: OFCC – Hilton Downtown Vancouver, WA

Who: You will need a teammate. Mandatory. If you do not have one, show up anyway and see who else did the same. Maybe you will forge an alliance on the spot. I will start a thread to assist with the making of alliances before the event. So buy your tickets now!

Why: To throw some dice and get a sweet prize on Friday of OFCC.

Cost: $20 for OF Champions and $25 for Non-champions

Needed: 4 copies of your list, gaming equipment, appreciation for teamwork

Army Composition:

  •          1000 points of sweet, sweet, Narrative, Unbound, no detachment, whatever you want, goodness per teammate
  •           I want fluff justifications for the most insane combinations.
  •           You need to have fun with this. Go classic Battalion because that is fun too. Or bring something you do not usually bring. Single Model armies are more than welcome.
  • CLARIFICATION: If you built a detachment, you get all the benefits of a detachment including CPs. If you built Unbound, then you have no detachments and thus no CPs. Sorry for the confusion everyone!

Event Specific Rules:

  • ·         Your army is your army.
  • ·         You have your own Warlord. Nominate a CHARACTER. Required keyword.
  • ·         Your psychic powers can only buff your army. They are allowed to debuff your teammate’s army.
  • ·         For the purposes of the Fight Phase, teammates are considered as one and will need to pick a single unit to Fight first.
  • ·         6x4 tables with FAQ Tactical Reserves rules in effect.

Painting and Basing Requirements:

  • ·         All models within OFCC armies must be fully painted and based
  • ·         Painting must include 3+ colors
  • ·         Effort must be made to transform or replace the bare plastic base
  • ·         Models that fail to meet the event minimum cannot be used during the event


·         All three missions will be a secret until Day of Event. Show up on Friday ready to do battle.


  • ·         Best Sports
  • ·         Best Painting
  • ·         Best Overall will be taking home the prize!

I will be adding more details so please stay tuned to this page. Ask any questions. Tell me what you think.

For the Good of the Order!


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6 minutes ago, PumpkinHead said:

It was brought to my attention that I hadn't paid for the event yet... it has been rectified!  Skipper and I will lay waste to all before us! I am really hoping there is a beer hammer portion where you can take shots of some horrific drink to cause mortal wounds 😛

Yep. You're only allowed to target your liver with them, tho 😉

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