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DeTour: The DEconstructed TOURnament League

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DeTour: The DEconstructed TOURnament League
Instead of normal league games, each round coaches will play one game using rules from a tournament. They will create a roster compliant with the tournament rules and play using any special rules the tournament describes. Coaches earn League Points for their team’s performance. Because of variability with each tournament ruleset, the DeTour League will use one standard set of scoring for all matches. 

You can find these full rules along with each tournament ruleset in this Google Doc

There will be six (6) rounds with the following tournament rules: 

  • Round 1 - USA: Touchdowns in Tacoma Rules 
  • Round 2 - ENGLAND: NAFC Championship Rules 
  • Round 3 - AUSTRALIA: Eucalyptus Bowl Rules 
  • Round 4 - CANADA: Spike! Rules 
  • Round 5 - USA: Chaos Cup Rules 
  • Round 6 - GLOBAL: 2023 NAF World Cup Rules 

League Points
After each round League Points will be awarded: 

  • League Points (LP): 
    • Win: 3, Draw: 1, Loss: 0
  • Bonus Points (BP) will be awarded per the GW Matched Play Guide: 
    • Scoring 3+ TDs: 1, Conceding 0 TD: 1 BP, Inflicting 3+ CAS (for SPP): 1 BP
  • Penalty: 
    • Noncompliant Roster: if a team’s roster is found to violate the rules of the tournament at any time, including after the game, it is Noncompliant and causes an automatic Concession to your opponent
      • Concession: Your opponent Wins 2-0 with 2 CAS for and 0 against
      • Lack of Skill Disks: counts as Noncompliant

League Champion
Total League Points (LP) will determine the final standings and League Champion. 
Bonus Points (BP) are used for tie-breakers. 

Skill Disks
For the sake of clarity, Skill Disks are REQUIRED for all models that gain skills from tournament build rules. Each coach will receive 6 Skill Disks at the start of the season for free and should purchase more if necessary for their chosen team builds. Any model without an accurate Skill Disk does not count as having the skill in the match and makes a roster Noncompliant. 

Start Date and Calendar
If we get enough registered coaches to make this interesting, let's aim for the week of May 20 for Round 1. We'll target playing 2 rounds every 3 weeks, though each round needs to completely finish (all games played) in order to seed the following round, so we'll be flexible if needed. 

There is no cost to register and all you have to do is reply in this thread and include the skills you would like for your six free Skill Disks (for example, Block x2, Guard x2, Mighty Blow x2).

Registered Coaches
A running list of sign-ups: 


After a match ends, each Coach should submit their results via this Google Form. (the Submission Code is detour

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Okay, we're good for locking down final details and talking schedule, but let's round up more of the usual suspects first: 

@savion47 @Teturact @kb10r @Rory @Swensos83 @MOONEY @Robdeezel @Frostitute @scotthartman @Taste @Amado @Giandroid

Note that because this league is so flexible, you can play all 6 rounds if you want to compete to be Champion, or you can play only some of the rounds based on your schedule of summer fun. 

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On 5/13/2024 at 7:53 PM, Dark Trainer said:

This means just 6 games, not 6 full tournaments? Might be interested, not sure how to read the rules/team building.


Also concerned about availability for a couple weeks in July.

This is correct.  6 games.  each one using a different tourney format.  


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@Dark Trainer schedule shouldn't be a problem because the league is designed to be as flexible as possible. We'll make the matchups for each round as we go, so if you go on vacation in July we'll adjust the matchups. I will be a mercenary coach for whenever we have an odd number of coaches. So you wanna join us?

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17 hours ago, scotthartman said:

Are people expecting to start next week? What day would be best to get a game? 

I think we'll officially start the week after to give a little bit more prep time and get past Memorial Day. But feel free to get a pre-season practice game in! 

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On 5/17/2024 at 4:31 PM, Weav said:

@jollyork: do we buy skills with our gold budget for round three, Eucalyptus Bowl?

From the rules doc: 



All teams have a value of TV 118 - TV 135. i.e.1,180,000 and 1,350,000 GPs to spend

The gold can be spent on any combination of players, inducements and skills as allowed by the Ruleset. NOTE: We are NOT using the full Prayers to Nuffle table (the one used in league play, pg 39 of the BB2020 rulebook), We WILL use the abbreviated Prayers to Nuffle table for those Kick-off events that refer to rolling on the Prayers to Nuffle table (pg 103 of the rule book).

All teams must start with at least 11 players (this can include star players)

You must spend all your cash, or discard unspent funds. You cannot keep unspent funds in your treasury and spend it later.

Unless you spend GPs on them your Dedicated fans will be considered 0 for your team.


I'm not totally clear on the variable Team Value rules they use, but will figure it out before we get to this round. 🙂



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1 hour ago, jollyork said:

From the rules doc: 

I'm not totally clear on the variable Team Value rules they use, but will figure it out before we get to this round. 🙂



pretty sure the variable is a combination of Tier's and which teams finished 1st and last in the previous Tourney


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  • Weav featured and pinned this topic


Kickoff of the DeTour League will be Tuesday, May 28 at WOW. I will post Round 1 matchups this week. We are targeting 2 rounds every 3 weeks, but honestly will be very flexible with that due to summer schedules and maximum fun! 

I will bring Skill Disks with me tomorrow night and can drop off at WOW for anyone who wants them there. I will also bring them to the Kickoff next week (and I'll bring superglue for assembly 😉). Let me know any questions or details you're wondering about. 

Please remember that this league has only a few rules but they are strictly enforced: rosters compliant with tournament rules and using correct Skill Disks. Everything else leagues usually worry about is optional, like proxy models, painting, etc. We're deliberately encouraging coaches to experiment with new teams, new builds, and new strategies. That's why the Skill Disks are critical for clarity to your opponents. 

Let's get ready to rumble!

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