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Just made "Magic Wash"


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Tried the Future Floor Polish wash method the other day. I gotta admit, it impressed the hell out of me! I like how it really pulls into the recesses. In all honesty I'll probably never buy another wash again, it's that good. That and my obsession with mixing my own paints paints are a dangerous combination..


Explain the method. I'm so sick of buying washes...


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I've mixed up my own batch and used it.  For about 30 seconds after application, the lines and details are crystal clear, deep black, look awesome.  Then as it dries, the ink seems less dark in the crevases.  Once it dries it ends up looking like the model is just dirty on the flat surfaces.  It's almost as if the liquid "osmosisizes" (that's not a real word I know) itself out of the cracks.


Same experience anyone? 


I have a potential solution which I call "flash dry".   Dip/wash/spray the model and place directly under a hot lamp.  I use a desk lamp from WalMart that is not a 'heat lamp' per se but does put a lot of light and heat out.  This seems to dry the model before the magic is lost.


The downside is this "flash dry" makes it shiny-er but I'm clear matte coating them anyway so don't care.

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I switch out the acrylic paint with Higgins Black Ink when I am going for a black line wash. The color saturation is much better in my opinion.

Seconded on the Higgins. I just went to a Blick store, and got the stuff to make Les Bursley's Magic Washes - costs a little more but I greatly prefer it over Future Floor Wax-based washes. I've made the basic Soft Body black, and my own Dirty Metal mix (30 drops black, 5 of sepia per oz) and it works a treat on my Dropzone Commander army. Check it:



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The version of magic wash I have been using for the last 15 years or so is 50% Future, 25% isopropyl alcohol, and 25% float medium (I liked Ceramcoat Color Float when I can find it).  The alcohol quickens the dry time a touch, and the float medium actually helps the colors when you mix it.  I mix it depending on how deep I want the ink tone, usually about 5 parts wash to 1 part ink.

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