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Open War card deck


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 I know this isint for the tournament crowd,but I really like what they are doing here.


   This deck system is a great way to start a pick up game even when using points,though they describe using PL difference as a factor in determining who gets underdog bonuses..I imagine it would still work that way even though the armies were balanced with points.Either way,,great addition for the casual players and hope it makes its way into AoS soon:)


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 Picked these up today:)


  These are pretty much based on using PL to play  so not sure how popular they will be with tourney players,,for me though,since I dont intend to do much more than dabble in the competative thing now and then,,these will be my main choice to play:)

  I actually thought at first that they were used to modify scenarios already printed in the main book but I see now that they create the entire scenario from the ground up.Also the Ruse and Sudden Death cards work very well to balance out huge Power Level disparity between players,,for instance theres a Sudden Death card that gives a win to the player if they have at least one model on the battlefield at the end of turn 5....oh,and the Ruse and Sudden Death cards are kept hidden until used.

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