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Dreadnought Death-Match


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

The Combatants
Each player selects a single Dreadnought (or equivalent) model with no points limit.

The Battlefield
Create the battlefield by finding the center point and marking out a 18" radius (36" diameter) circle, this will be the ring. Add whatever terrain inside the ring you want, in any way that seems interesting. 

Randomly determine an order for all players to place their Dreadnought. All Dreadnoughts must be placed wholly within 6" of the ring border and no closer than 9" to any other Dreadnought.

First Turn
Turn order proceeds in the opposite order of deployment. The player who wast last in the deployment order takes the first turn, the player who was second to last in the deployment order takes the second turn, and so on until you reach the the player who was first in the deployment order who will have the last turn.

Battle Length
At the end of battle round five, or if at any point only one Dreadnought is left in the ring, the game is over.

Victory Conditions
Score 1 VP for each enemy Dreadnought you reduce to zero wounds and score an additional 4 VP if you eliminated that enemy Dreadnought via Ring-Out.

In the event of a tie, the Dreadnought with the most remaining Wounds is the winner. 

Knockback and Ring-Outs
During the Inflict Damage step of the Resolve Attack sequence, any a model that loses a wound as the result of a Shooting Attack or a Melee Attack, it is moved 1" away from the attacker. A model that was successfully Charged in the Charge Phase is moved an addition 1d3" during this step.

Any model that is knocked completely out of the ring is counted as having been reduced to zero Wounds and is removed from the game.

Overwatch and Heroic Intervention
These rules are not used.

Ignoring Wounds
Some units have abilities that allow them to ignore the damage suffered each time it loses a wound (e.g. Disgustingly Resilient, The Flesh is Weak, and Tenacious Survivor). Even if a model ignores the wound it is still knocked back.

List of Dreadnoughts

Adepta Sororitas
• Penitent Engine

Adeptus Custodes
• Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought
• Contemptor-Exemplar Dreadnought
• Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought
• Telemon Heavy Dreadnought
• Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought

Adeptus Mechanicus
• Kastelan Robot

Astra Militarum
• Armoured Sentinel
• Elysian Drop Sentinel
• Scout Sentinel
• Sentinel Power Lifter

Chaos Space Marines
• Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought
• Helbrute
• Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought
• Hellforged Deredeo Dreadnought
• Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought

• War Walker
• Wasp Assault Walker
• Wraithseer
• Wraithlord

Death Guard
• Helbrute
• Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought
• Hellforged Deredeo Dreadnought
• Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought

• Cronos
• Talos

Genestealer Cults
• Cult Armoured Sentinel
• Cult Scout Sentinel

Grey Knights
• Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight
• Nemesis Dreadknight

• Triarch Stalker

• Deff Dreads
• Killa Kans
• Meka-Dread

Renegades and Heretics
• Armoured Sentinel
• Scout Sentinel

Space Marines
• Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought
• Contemptor Dreadnought
• Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought
• Death Company Dreadnought
• Dreadnought
• Furioso Dreadnought
• Librarian Dreadnought
• Mortis Dreadnought
• Redemptor Dreadnought
• Relic Contemptor Dreadnought
• Relic Deredeo Dreadnought
• Relic Leviathan Dreadnought
• Siege Dreadnought
• Wulfen Dreadnought

T'au Empires
• Commander in XV8 Crisis Battlesuit
• Commander in XV85 Enforcer Battlesuit
• Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit
• Commander Shadowsun
• Commander in XV81 Crisis Battlesuit
• Commander in XV84 Crisis Battlesuit
• XV25 Stealth Battlesuit
• XV8 Crisis Battlesuit
• XV8 Crisis Bodyguard
• XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit
• XV9 Hazard Support Battlesuit
• XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

Thousand Sons
• Helbrute
• Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought
• Hellforged Deredeo Dreadnought
• Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought

• Carnifex
• Screamer-Killer
• Thornback
• Stone Crusher Carnifex

• Ambull


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Sweet. Dark Technomancer Talos with 2 haywire blasters and a double liquifier gun would be brutal for this.

Granted, they can deal up to 3 mortal wounds to themselves, but he also might just one shot a dread with the ability to deal up to 54 wounds to a vehicle in the shooting phase.

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I actually think the Ambull has real potential. It’s only got seven Wounds, but it regenerates 1d3 at the start of each battle round and can remove itself from the battlefield at the start of its Movement phase and deep strike back in someplace else on the table in its next Movement phase...


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56 minutes ago, PourSpelur said:

Im bringing three Killa Kans.

Standing on each other's shoulders, wearing an oversized trenchcoat.


From days uv long ago, from uncharted regions uv da ooniverse, comes a legend; the legend of Voltrork, Krump uv Da Ooniverse, a zoggin’ big robot, loved by Gork ‘n Mork, feared by Beakies...

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On 8/24/2020 at 9:47 AM, Lyraeus said:

Ok so a Meka Dread is a thing but I dont own one...

1) Make a stickman, about the size of a GI Joe.

2) Take all your vehicle bits, spare guns and mechanical looking parts. Put in a small box.

3) Cover stickman in glue, drop in box and shake.

Now you have a Mekka Dread!

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