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I'm making swooping hawks....


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So when I started collecting my eldar army (bandwagon power gamer) I was really into the fluff ( straight up lie, i likes the pew pew), but was kinda bummed that GW kept the same sculpts for the Dire Avengers because I like their fluff the best ( [big bad swear word]ing lie, wave serpent ftw, and there was no way I'm paying $7.50 a model for a sculpt from last century).


So I decided to use Dreamforge Infantry for my base body:


use the magnifying glass to see the level of detail on these amazying model ( plus holy [big bad swear word] $1.65 for a MODEL !!!! )


Then I found this head from puppetswar for the Dire Avenger head:



And these for the fire dragon heads:



Now I want to build some Swooping hawks, I am using the same dreamforge bodies:

but with these heads:


and these jet packs:



That is all :D

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Here is the Dire Avenger:
tn_gallery_1641_81_347865.jpg  tn_gallery_1641_81_487529.jpg  


And the Fire Dragon:

tn_gallery_1641_81_239880.jpg   tn_gallery_1641_81_482188.jpg  

Here are the Pooping Socks components, I haven't taken the opportunity to build one yet:
Jet Pack:

tn_gallery_1641_81_231926.jpg  tn_gallery_1641_81_190056.jpg


tn_gallery_1641_81_461152.jpg  tn_gallery_1641_81_571083.jpg


And a bonus Booby Fett:


Edit: and I suck at posting picks, there are none thumb nail picks in my gallery:

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Cool beans! The heads aren't as different-looking as I thought, the animal shapes are pretty subtle. That'll be a unique looking army, and the colors really make it clear what things are. I like them a lot!

IMO if you look at the various Eldar infantry models there is very little in the uniform to differentiate one unit type from another, excluding big items like weapons and jetpacks.  For example the difference, for me, between dire avengers and fire dragons is slight.  It's the color variation that really drives the differences in unit type, again imo. 


My painting test piece will be primed white with sky blue airbrushed over the entire model.  I'm then darken with a blue wash and then delicately dry brush the sky blue again.  Then I'll go for details.  I think the wings will be fun

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