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OFCC 2016 FOW Team Event (official thread)


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********* EVENT IS CANCELLED ****************


Due to lack of advanced ticket sales the flames of war event is being cancelled for OFCC 2016.  If you purchased a ticket already (two of you) the OFCC treasurer will be getting in touch with you to get you a refund.  If you are traveling here for the event we will work with you to get you into another event.







What: 1420 point Late-War Flames of War Team Event

Date: July 30th, 2016

Where: OFCC 2016, Hilton Vancouver, WA

Hosts: Presented by OFCC and Rose City Dukes and Duchesses Ranger Group


Registration and Pairings 8:00 - 9:00 AM

Player Meeting: 8:45 AM

Round 1 (2h30m) start 9:00-11:30 AM
Round 2 (2h30m) start 1:00- 3:30 PM
Round 3 (2h30m) start 4:00-6:30 PM

Awards Ceremony ~6:45 PM


Entry Fee:

Individual ticket must be purchased in the Ordo store here


How to Sign Up: Be a team captain or find a team, post here and email SteveM at pdxwar@gmail.com

If you want to be a team captain and have other team members, send me an email. Even if you only have a couple players; We can use the team finder to fill out the rest of the team.


Missions: Will be announced at the player meeting


Teams Signed up:

team name, captain/handle, full team, team lists verified



1. "The Magnificent Four", David S./ Bolo, no, no







1. TBD, Mike H./ ZeroMoon17, no, no





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Flex Schedule -

Have 6 game sessions posted over the 2-day period, but there is a limited number of tables available. Players have to sign up for 3 game sessions out of the 6 available.  At each session, pair up the teams according to their current record.  This could allow players to try and schedule other types of games around this tournament.


To help with getting 6 game sessions in, go with lower point limits. (1250-1500)


Also, you attract a larger crown if you stick with Late War period, since that is where the starter sets are concentrated and most beginners start in LW due to game piece availability.

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First off, there can be only one period for the whole tournament. There is no way you will get a good outcome trying to mix them all in. FoW events already have the issue of proper allies vs axis match ups. Do not complicate things even further by having teams with mixed early/mid/late war lists.


To be safe, Late War is probably the best bet, though you might be able to get away with Mid War as well. Although honestly, Mid War has such varying power levels that Late War will provide the best chance of good matching. Lets face it, I love my mid war carri company...but can you see it facing off against a T-34 list? No thank you.


I also really like the thought of a four man team, where you have pairings for match ups. However, there is no way to keep the axis vs allies theme in that setting. So that should be decided right off the bat. If you are going to try to enforce axis vs allies games, then you have to have strict team allowances. Basically, two axis and two allies per team. That way you will always be able to have axis vs allies games.


Since this is the first time FoW is going to be at the OFCC, I'd keep it more open. I'd say forget about axis vs allies, let teams bring either side, and just let the captains create the best matches that they can.


That being said, I would consider giving a team bonus points if they bring no more than two of any list type (infantry, mech. inf., armor). So for example, if a team brings two infantry companies and two armored companies, they would get bonus team points vs a team that brought four armored companies. The reason for this is that a diverse team will be easier to create fun matches against. If a team were to show up with nothing but heavy tank companies, you know someone is going to have a bad game.


I would be more than happy to help out with this event by the way. I love Flames of War and am thrilled that it will be at the OFCC.

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I always find it fun playing multiplayer battles with multiple people at a table.  I agree that Late War is probably the best bet for time period.  I also personally don't mind if you keep it Axis vs Allies, or allow a mix.  I mean, sure its fun to have "historical" axis vs allied battles, but it doesn't bother me if it isn't for balance purposes.


I do like Bro. G's idea of some sort of comp bonus for team diversity to encourage diversity.  Then again, especially in a 4-player team, I personally think teams would be best suited being fairly diversified anyway.  Having an infantry + tank, or mech + tank, or inf + mech, is going to be really ready to handle a variety of scenarios better than two of the same type (except maybe 2x mech).


I also want to suggest taking into account "always attacks" and "always defends" forces.  Both are pains in the behind in general to play against, so maybe some sort of limitation on # of forces allowed on a team with either of those traits, or not allow them at all, or something.

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Lots of good ideas already in the replies, so I will just add my "vote" on a few mentioned.

One period, yes, LW.

Use motivation to encourage mixed of tank, infantry, mechanized/motorized.

Be specific on details that would help keep match-up simple. For example, Either no list with "always attacks" or always attacks not used in tournament.

Terrain rewards, yes. Lots of cool terrain in garages and basements that rarely gets used.

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Just throwing in some thoughts, I'm doubtful I'd attend but I have run some events and what not.


I'd be careful about just throwing out Always Attacks or Always defends rules.  Some armies with Always defend would be useless without it (see fortified companies) some armies without Always Attack become nigh invincible (see Engineer-Sappers).  Just outright banning the lists that have those rules seems fairly distasteful to me. 


I think the reason that OFCC works so well is because the Swedish Comp system they use is well developed and helpful in determining the power level of the armies people bring.  That and all the moderating that the team captains and others do to make sure the teams are balanced.  If you want a successful tournament along the lines of the OFCC stuff I think you'd have to put that same sort of effort in.  It is going to be tough given that there isn't a comp system for FOW like there is for the other, larger games.

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Re: Always Attacks & Always Defends


I think it deserves some thought, though.  What is the impact if a team takes 4 Always Attacks, or 4 Always Defends lists?  Even with just a pair, two paired fortified companies would be particularly nasty with a hell of a lot of minefields and barbed wire, which will make it difficult for opponents in the majority of missions.    Two always attacks lists, with spearhead(?) in particular (the rules where you get some free movement at the start of the game) might also cause issues.  I'm just suggesting that these need to be looked at and considered.  I wouldnt consider ignoring the AA/AD rules themselves (as their lists are balanced for having that), but it might (after discussion and investigation) be simplest to simply ban lists with those traits.  There are LOTS of lists in LW, so it isn't hurting the potential list pool much.  Or, maybe a simple limit of 1 Always Attack/Always defend per team might work reasonable.  I don't know, we'll need to talk about it.  Again, I simply wanted to point out that I believe that these particular rules/types of forces need to get special discussion and management for this tournament, as IMO I believe that they can cause problems in a multi-player format.

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Well if you're trying to run it OFCC style you could simply tell the team captain that he can't bring 4 always attack lists.  I think BroG's suggestion of trying to make the teams be mixed 1 inf, 1 mech, 1 tank, 1 float would be a better way of handling this.  Also making sure that the mission list is one where people wouldn't want to bring all always defends lists.  Free for all or the one where the defender has to move onto an objective really hose fortified companies.  Always attacks is less of a problem in my opinion.  Didn't they update the always attack rules as well?

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5 game tournament over 2 days.  Lets promote it.  Lets get er done.


1750 lists sound good.


4 man teams just like OFCC does the 40K side.  We should be able to get 8 teams there if we try, more if we promote a lot more than locally.  Maybe we make the theshold for doing it 8 teams of 4?  I think with 5 games, You'd need at least that many teams.  10 teams would be better, Axis vs. Allies.


I think a Team should have a minimum of one Infantry, one tank and one Motorized force on it, plus one more of whatever type.


MIDWAR!!!  More factions were active then so maximum fluff possible.


That's all my thoughts.

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1. I think we need a moderator to direct the energy of this actioon. I am not sure how Barca, T. Shannara, or B. Glacious feel about this, but they have done a great job of laying out some of the perameters and creative energy?


2. I like two man teams. They are easy to organize and run practice missions. Adding more people to a team is a fun dynamic, but it get harder with each additional play to synchronize calendars and models.


3. Joint tables are super fun play. It adds a lot of complexity to the table as you can balanc out your options you take. However, game time slows down as total points go from 2500 to 5000 on s table. This would be something for the group to discuss but should decided by mid-Februry as we need to get rolling on this. If the decision is made to go to three + teams, individual tables only is my vote. 10,000 point tables can last all day and game play bogs down fast.


4. What is the address of the location and recommended hotels in the area?


My $0.10 of thoughts as we roll into February.

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My vote would be a LW theme as Enfilade is a MW match. To get Germans, Brits, US, Eastern-Micro nations and Russians to the fight...Books from December 1944 to March 1945. This should help draw the largest player interest to the event. We could even tightest this up to be a Berlin, Nacht-Tiger and Remangen lists to balance models.



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Since I had to work this past weekend not sure what conversations took place at OCC regarding the topic. For an update on my end I submitted a proposal tournament packet to OFCC committee in December (see here) that outlines all the details based on ideas that were posted in this forum topic, my historical knowledge of the player base, and desire/thinking about an event like this for the past five years. All events run at OFCC go through a proposal/review process by the club from people who submit applications. I was selected as HOG (Head of Gaming) for Flames of War for OFCC 2016 (see here) so I suppose I am the "moderator".  I am waiting on Rhuntar to release official details though.


It is planned that a story about the event will be written about on the flames of war website in August as I've been in contact with BF already about this and prize support.


Basics are it is currently planned to be four player teams where each player has a late-war company and each game is played normally one vs one. There are team goals and individual goals. Sportsmanship is highly regarded at OFCC events. It is not uncommon for some teams to have people that don't normally game together and these people will form a team online through a team finder thread.


Hopefully I can release details very soon.

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At OCC, several ideas kicked around and questions about period.

LH explained that team captains must be "alumni" of OFCC (attended at least one previous OFCC)


I have nothing to contribute on format, since never did team event like this before.


Most important points of discussion were to 1) get the word out and 2) get commitment on who is going


BTW, I have, or will have by then:

Allies, LW, Soviet Strelkovy (infantry co)

Allies, LW, Soviet Tankovy (tank co) (several sub-types))

Allies, LW, British Lorried Rifle (4th Canadian Armoured)
Allies, LW, British - Rifle (3rd (Canadian) Division)

Axis, LW, German Grenadier (Infantry or Motorized Infantry)

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