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Adeptus Titanicus Rumors

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Dude. One of the comments has a link to the original source for the rumour, which was someone who was at Warhammer Fest. No guarantee, but I've seen corroboration of everything else he talks about in that post.


My only issue is that it's apparently all going to be in resin. That's a pretty big turn-off for me, these days.

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Nothing new in these fronts?

Hi all. Here is some more info coming out of the European Weekender:
First book is based on the events of Titandeath which enabled Horus to reach Terra. 
There will be more books (like with the Black book series). 
They want to do Psi-Titans and Nemesis 
Reaver is sculpted already Cerastus is next. 
Loyal versions of the Subjugator will be done in New Epic scale first (as well as Knights). 
The Subjugator is a "Light Titan"
Game is based around 5 Titans a side + Plus Knights
Teleporting Warprunners "they can" maybe Legio specific rules. 
3 modes to play (like AoS). 
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Via Drake Seta and Lady Atia

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Some informations regarding the upcoming Adeptus Titanicus:


- Adeptus Titanicus is delayed (it was originally planned to be released around february). Not being rushed out. Might be out before the end of the year. 

- There will be complete plastic buildings (which you can destroy yourself, by cutting etc).
- Thanks to Blood Bowl, and the delay there is a possibility of plastic Titans which go on sale at the same time as the black book / resin ones.
- The book art for 'Titan's Death' is being worked on right now. 
Drake Seta and Lady Atia
Also, pics from the rulebook:
Some artworks for the upcoming first black book for Adeptus Titanicus!











Kaelo Rylanus and Lady Atia
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  Titanicus info

Tags : titanicus


Hello everyone !

a few screen about titanicus + special dice and rules page.

James: While the game was clearly inspired by previous editions of Titanicus, as well as Epic, it’s very much it’s own new thing. We tried to make it so that it has lots of detail, but still plays quickly. The overall gist is that it puts you in the command throne of an individual Titan, so you are directing the action as shields and limbs take damage and crew succumb to the rigors of battle.






via War of Sigmar

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created : about 2 hours ago


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Thumb dc ezx4w4aaugya

Hello again everyone !!

Titanicus seminar :
-Main stuff in plastic
-Upgrades and options in resin
-Grand master box have everything to play but you can start by buying separate rules and models.
-Released in August

@Source is Leakycheese@Leaky_cheese / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKyxWHBgWEFjqsI_6iAW6vw

hype is real !


Thumb dc ezx0waaefeof


Mini knight painted with NMM ?
Thumb whfestliveblog titanicus6wk

NMM ? in games workshop ? 😄


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Thumb dc ff9oxkaendsu
Thumb dc klk8xcaa38jz
Thumb dc kllcxkaac5vi
Thumb dc klk7wkayu3o
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