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Scotty paints Primaris Marines

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So I've got some NuMarines.  I was originally planning on painting them Iron Hands so I could swap vehicles back and forth between my 30K force and this one, but black is boring.  I honestly would like to do something with some tonal quality.  I would really like to keep them very shooty, as my Orks and Space Wolves are in your face forces.  I've kicked around a few ideas:

Raptors- Shooty, cool Raven Guard rules, would paint them OD green/historical with a WWII style vibe.  May look boring on the table.

Imperial Fists- I'd go more of a military yellow than canary, nice bright army but lousy chapter rules.

Heresy era Death Guard- totally different, light grey/green with battle damage, just use Ultramarines rules, maybe a different chapter symbol?

Heresy Color Space Wolves- not blue/grey, but a warmer grey, use FW transfers and SW bits, think of them more of an adjuct to Great Wolf company. 

Another Badab War chapter- Fire angels or Minotaurs

Something else entirely...


Anybody got any ideas?

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