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World Cup

Brother Glacius

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i cant but wish i could.  hope the US wins every game, but have to admit im cheering against hope solo.  so if the US could win every game in high scoring fashion and she gets pulled that would be great lol.  i was just really ticked off with that article on EspnW last week.  One of the biggest facepalm articles i've ever read...

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The aspect about soccer I enjoy the MOST, is that good play can come from a completely crap team/league/tournament, for me that is the beautiful game.  That string of brilliant/lucky passes for the goal...


that can come from anywhere...


but you correct Splinx, the women have a long way to go, but along the way, there is and will continue to be, good play,  enjoy the EPL, I am very grateful that the major broadcast networks have been successful in making it more mainstream in the US.

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