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Let's Rampage!

Yup, it that time again. I have been holding them for 9 years now. I have run over 13. This year will be an Infinity Event. Yes, there are will still be a Sword as the overall prize.

What is a Rampage?

A Rampage is a celebration of gaming goodness where community and sportsmanship is valued as much as winning. Traditionally, it is the celebration at the end of an Escalation League. Players gather, bring food and drinks, and play games. Somebody wins a sword and we all go out to for beer afterwards.

Each year, I select a charity to support. This year, I picked the Women's Shelter. It a homeless shelter downtown off Burnside and Second. I am asking players to bring food stuffs or clean bedding.

When Is this Event?

It is on Saturday, January 16th. First Round is starts at 10 AM.

WoW, 717 SE Main Street, Portland, Oregon

How Many Games?

There will be four!

We will be playing until 7 PM, and then go get dinner and beer afterwards.



Each player can have one list. This is not an ITS event.

Do I have to a painted army?

Nope. You can play Silver Surfer, but it certainly helps you win the sword if your faction is painted.


$7 for Ordo Warlords and Emperors,
$10 for Everybody Else


A Sword for the Winner! - Yup a Freakin' Sword!
And there will be other prizes. Wait and See!
Best General. Best Sportsman. Best Painted. Wooden Spoon!

Number of Slots?

24 Players


Game One: Heal the Innocent

Four Citizens of a neutral faction are injured and in the null state. It is your job to heal them. Do it quickly, opposing factions are vying to do the same and curry favor with the neutral. Kill the injured and earn infamy.


A citizen will have the PH of 10. 

Victory Points:

2 points per healed neutral model.
1 points for killing an enemy doctor.
1 point for killing the enemy LT.
-2 for killing a neutral model
(-1 if the model was killed while trying to heal it).

*The minimum score is zero.

Game Two: High Ground!

Gain the high ground and dominate.

Victory Points:

At the end of each game turn, the player with the model on the highest terrain piece outside their own deployment zone is awarded three points. At the end of turn three, if a player has a specialist on top of the highest piece of terrain, they are awarded four points.

*All models deployed outside their own zone must be set up at table top level.

Game Three: Grand Theft

Ten crates are placed in the neutral zone. Each side is trying to open as many crates as possible to steal the tech inside.

To open the crates, a specialist may try to open the box with a WIP roll of -3 (Hackers and Engineers have no penalty). When the bin is open roll a d20. On a 1-5, the specialist receives MSV 1 (if the model has MSV, increase to the next higher level). On the roll of 6-10, the models receives +1 ARM. On the score of a 11-15, the model has +1 BTS. On a roll of 16-20, the model has an Auto-Medkit.

Victory Points:

At the end of the game, each crate opened by a player is worth one point.

Game Four: Take Out The Trash!

The Day is almost done, it is time to take out the trash

Two trash cans are placed along the center line of the table. The cans must be at least 10 inches apart.

Each faction is trying to bring their garbage to the dumpster. The only problem is that Lt.s and specialists and SWC models are too high class to take out the trash. Only models with total availability that do not have SWCs and are not Lt.s can take out the trash. The available model must touch the can, and then use a short skill to dump the trash. Each model can take out the trash once. Then, they must make it back to a crate, barrel, or building in their deployment zone to bring out another load.

Victory Points:

At the end up a turn, if you have taken out more garbage than your opponent, you receive 3 points.

There is a bonus point, if bring a fully painted dumpster or trash can model to use for the scenario.


Battle Scores:

Up to 40 points!


+10 points for bringing dry or canned food or clean bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.)


+10 Points for Bringing Food to share.
+10 Points for Bringing Drinks to Share
+5 For bring the best snack!

*Determined by players’ vote.

+10 Points for playing a completely painted and based faction.
+10 Points for having the best painted faction.
+5 Points for having the best painted silhouette two model.
+5 Points for the TAG, Bike, or Remote.

*Determined by players’ vote.


+10 Points for being voted the favorite player.

*The best sport is determined by player’s vote

**All ties is in placing for Sportsmanship, Generalship, and Painting will be decided by a Lieutenant duel.

See you there!

Let me know if intend on playing.
Spots will go quickly.


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1. Alexander MacBain


2. Naked Panda - Aka Chris M.


3. Rudra34 aka Evan Secan


4. Don't Panic aka Nate Roberts. 


5. George Spencer


6. Erik Grey


7. Gremlinking aka John Allen


8. Jay


9. Exile aka Pete Harper


10. WiseTiger7 aka Junho Chang


11. Jake Richmond


12. Twinmasks aka Alex


13. Talapas aka Chris Bailey


14. Tha42 aka Rick S.  


15. Zagdog aka Nathaniel Beach-Hart


16. Krieger aka Wiley


17. Saethiel aka Jake G. 


18. Will Martinez


19. Ian Zagen - Ringer!!!!!!!!!!!


20. Joe Bumgarner


21. WiseTiger7 aka Junho Chang


22. Muskrat aka Aaron Musk


23. Ogre Seth


24. Brian Boese



Sold Out!

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