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1. Alexander MacBain


2. Naked Panda - Aka Chris M.


3. Rudra34 aka Evan Secan


4. Don't Panic aka Nate Roberts. 


5. George Spencer


6. Erik Grey


7. Gremlinking aka John Allen


8. Jay


9. Exile aka Pete Harper


10. WiseTiger7 aka Junho Chang


11. Jake Richmond


12. Twinmasks aka Alex


13. Talapas aka Chris Bailey


14. Tha42 aka Rick S.  


15. Zagdog aka Nathaniel Beach-Hart


16. Krieger aka Wiley


17. Saethiel aka Jake G. 


18. Will Martinez


19. Ian Zagen - Ringer!!!!!!!!!!!


20. Joe Bumgarner


21. WiseTiger7 aka Junho Chang


22. Muskrat aka Aaron Musk


23. Ogre Seth


24. Brian Boese



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oh RD!  remember the issue with 'taking out the trash' and total availability?  probably need to tweak that seeing as some factions dont have a total availability. *cough* aleph *cough* :tongue: .

i guess ill add this as well: that one overall is not too kind to elite factions anyways where their lowest line troopers are 13(AL) or 14(EI) points and where orders are as good as gold.  maybe some tweak to even the playing field a little would be nice(thats why i brought up the 'picking up your opponents dropped trash' for points thing!).

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